The European Union


The European Union has 27 member communities of Europe, which is based on common interests, institutions and laws of the Member States: the single currency, common defense policy, cooperation in all areas of life and work, provided the Treaty on European Union and other EU regulations.

The influence of the EU on world issues is becoming bigger and bigger. The process of integration, the euro and the progressive development of a common foreign and security policy, providing the EU's political and diplomatic status to match its undoubted economic strength.

The Union has a number of strategic foreign policy goals. The first is to establish a stable Europe whose voice in the world to have more weight. The recent wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as the bloody fighting in Chechnya, shows how important it is to secure peace in Europe, democracy and respect for human rights.

The EU is the biggest trading partner in the world, determined to ensure its competitiveness at the international level and at the same time promote global exchange through further liberalization of trade policies in the world, a process that, in her opinion, of particular use in developing countries.

Until recently, the Union's external activities consisted of three basic components: trade policy, development aid and political dimensions. These provided the relevant EU instruments for a credible foreign policy in diplomatic, economic and trade spheres.

Europe in numbers

  • 482 000 000 of the population lives in the European Union
  • 64 % of the EU population are smokers
  • 51 559 is kilometers long road network in the European Union
  • 168 980 000 to drive a car in the European Union
  • 153 640 is kilometers long railway network in the European Union
  • 44 billion Euro godiošnje European Union invests in agricultural development
  • 732 MPs sitting in the European Parliament
  • in 128 countries in the world has its own European Commission delegation
  • 13.5 million of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the European Union
  • 44 500 external assistance projects in the world were financed by the European Union



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