Activities of European movement in Serbia


All EMinS projects are focused on achieving the organization’s goals and its mission. Since our goals are numerous and our mission challenging, our projects involve large numbers of citizens, they interconnect target groups and engage citizens, institutions and organizations in common projects. We believe that every project contributes to harnessing the energy of an even greater number of individuals and enthusiasts to the process of Serbian modernization and the EU integration. Therefore, we are grateful to our numerous partners, donors, associates, volunteers and activists, who have shared their time and resources with us. All the projects, created and implemented by the EMinS as our response to some of the key problems and needs we are facing, serve as proof that we are on the right track. Alongside informing the public about the EU and the accession process, and monitoring the implementation of the reform processes – EMinS key tasks – our organization has also been focused on building the capacities, knowledge and skills of specific target groups (local self-governments, civil society, youth, etc.), building consensus on European integration, strengthening priorities on the road to the membership, education on European policies and mechanisms during the pre-accession assistance period, strengthening the participation of civil society in policy defining and implementation, and strengthening international and regional cooperation.

Our target groups includes young people from primary and secondary schools, university students, junior entrepreneurs, local self-governance and civil society at a local level, vulnerable groups, women, experts and the business community, regional and international partners. We expect many new challenges in the forthcoming period, from activities related to the phases of the Serbian accession process towards its full EU membership to European and global challenges that our European partners will face in the future.

Finally, our projects can be defined as our reality and need. We participate in their design and implementation with great pleasure, aware of their effects and the overall contribution in a better, European society. The EMinS also cherishes the spirit of its activists and communication with both individual members and the groups collectively. Above all, the EMinS is proud of its internal democratic procedures. Our Executive and Main Boards and the Assembly meet regularly, consultation has always been carried out on a continuous basis with potential partners, beneficiaries and associates, all of this enables us to remain faithful to our values and devoted to achieving our mission.

Forms of action

  • Public debates;
  • Workshops, seminars;
  • Organization of international meetings;
  • Educational programs;
  • Network of local councils;
  • Research and publishing activities;
  • Public and media campaigns
  • Research application;
  • Participation in international meetings.



  •  Belgrade Security Forum



    National Convention on the European Union





  • Beta press

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Serbia


  • Slovak Aid

  • Evropa Plus