29.12.2014. Jelena Ribac and Aleksandar Bogdanovic 'Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU (in Serbian)

26.12.2014. Aleksandar Golubovic 'Serbian OESC Chairmanship-in-O

02.12.2014. Dina Rakin 'Social Entrepreneurships in Europe and Serbia' (in Serbian)

31.10.2014. Milana Lazić 'New European Commision' (in Serbian)

03.07.2014. Jelena Ribac and Aleksandar Bogdanovic 'Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union' (in Serbian)

26.06.2014. Vladimir Medovic 'South Stream: Business Deal of the Century or Lawsuit of the Century?' 

12.06.2014. Aleksandar Avramovic 'European Parliament Election 2014' (in Serbian)

22.05.2014. Jelica Minic, Dragan Djukanovic, Jasminka Kronja 'Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans - what next?' (in Serbian)

05.05.2014. Ognjen Miric 'Improving the system of strategic and operational planing in Serbia'

24.04.2014. Saša Gajin's policy briefs 'Why human rights from the perspective of existing and future constitutional system in Serbia' (in Serbian)

24.03.2014. Saša Gajin's policy brief 'The position and role of the fourth branch of the public authorities in the present and the future constitutional arrangement of the Republic of Serbia'

12.03.2014. Marko Vujacic's essay 'Europe on the edge of election campaign has been published' (Serbian version)

25.02.2014. Natasa Dragojlovic - 'Start of negotiations on Serbia's membership in the European Union' (in Serbian) 

13.02.2014. Vladimir Dzamic - 'The necessity of a Constitutional revision:  the position and importance of the National Assembly' (Serbia version)




8.11.2013. Vladimir Pavicevic and Vladimir Dzamic - How to get new Constitution: merits and procedures?

12.09.2013. Aleksandar Kovacevic - Accession of Serbia to the European Union - importance of material requirements in the energy sector

April 2013. Yearbook of the Research Forum of EMinS

18.04.2013. Aleksandar Djordjevic, Sasa Randjelovic -  Improving the performance of small and medium enterprises in Serbia through the reform of the Taxation System (Serbian version)

29.03.2013. Miroslav Prokopijevic - State Aid in the European Union and in Serbia

27.02.2013. Bojan Ristic, Veljko Mijuskovic - Analysis of the Competition Policy in Serbia (Serbian version)

30.01.2013. Dragoljub Todic, Zorica Isoski, Milos Katic - Hazardous Waste Management in Serbia and harmonization with the EU standards (Serbian version)




26.12.2012. Ivan Knezevic, Kristina Ivanovic, Mihailo Gajic – Serbia, European Union, Russia - an Analysis of Economic Relations

26.11.2012. Dragoljub Todic - Improvement of Capacities of Local Self-Government, Civil Society Organizations and Business Community for Implementation of European Standards in field of environment (Serbian version)

08.11.2012. Vladimir Pavicevic, Vladimir Dzamic – Constitutional Revision in Serbia

18.10.2012. Maja Bobic, Relja Bozic – Civil Society in the Process of European Integration

28.05.2012. Dejan Milenkovic - New Approach in forming Government of Republic of Serbia (Serbian version)

17.05.2012. Vladimir Pavicevic – The Future of Europe – A View

01.03.2012. Vasna Rakić-Vodinelić – Justice and human rights – Chapter 23 (Serbian version)

06.02.2012. Aleksandra Cavoski i Drazen Maravic – Justice and home affairs in the Republic of Serbia in the process of the European Integration (Serbian version)

19.01.2012. Ognjen Miric i Valentina Ivanic – Improved concept of regional development planning in the Republic of Serbia (Serbian version)

10.01.2012. Dragoljub Todic - International agreements in the field of environment in the function of European Integration and the region of SEE (Serbian version)




09.12.2011. Dragan Djukanovic i Jasminka Kronja - Relations between Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and definition of new policy (Serbian version)

14.11.2011. Tatjana Papic -  Analysis of the Serbian policy on participation at the international meetings where representatives of Kosovo are also present (Serbian version)



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