Coalition for Social Entrepreneurship Development (CoSED)



The  Coalition for Social Entrepreneurship Development, non-formal network of organisations, was initiated in 2010 and founded by - Balkan Community Initiatives Fund (BCIF), the current TRAG Foundation, European Movement in Serbia (EMinS), Group 484, Initiative for Development and Cooperation and Smart Kolektiv determined the mission, goals and activities of the Coalition. From 2013 SeCons - Development Initiative Group is also member of the Coalition. 

The main aim of CoSED is active involvement in creating a functional framework for social entrepreneurship. One of the priorities of the Coalition is to establish partnerships with relevant stakeholders in the society - the state and the private sector to accelerate the fulfilment of its mission.  


CoSED activities:

During 2010th and 2011th, members of CoSED implemented their first joint project called “Program of professional support for improving business of social enterprises”. The project was one of the activities of the joint program "Youth Employment and Migration", which are conducted by four UN agencies (UNDP, ILO, UNICEF and IOM) in collaboration with national and local partners. It is financially supported by the Spanish Fund for the Millennium Development Goals (MDG F), and is coordinated by Smart Collective in front of CoSED. Idea of the program was to provide the professional help to already established enterprises. This will not only improve operations of those enterprises, but also it will serve as an example and as a stimulus for others to start similar initiatives.

In 2013th, European Movement in Serbia (on behalf of Coalition for Social Entrepreneurship Development) started the implementation of six-month long project “Inovativa”, with the support of Suisse Solidar - Office in Belgrade. The overall objective was to promote the employability of young people through forms of social entrepreneurship - social enterprises and social cooperatives among decision-makers who work with youth and youth from marginalized groups.

The project included the development of informational and educational brochures about social entrepreneurship, designed for youth, and online campaign which promoted opportunities that social entrepreneurship offers as a solution of the problem of youth unemployment.

At the round tables in three regional centres in Serbia – Novi Pazar, Subotica and Kraljevo, it was discussed about the possibilities of youth employment through social entrepreneurship, and the role of local government in this context. There will be presented documents about the youth employment, and the discussion resulted in a set of recommendations adopted by the participants of the round table. The goal was to open employment opportunities for young people through some forms of social entrepreneurship at the local level, and promote adopting local policy documents in order to encourage such innovative forms of employment.

Also, there was open competition for the best innovative socio-entrepreneurial ideas for high-school students and the five best was awarded. It was a good chance to encourage youth to think about the possibilities to deal with the (social) entrepreneurship.

The Coalition for Social Entrepreneurship Development launched the first Newsletter of the social economy and social entrepreneurship in Serbia, with support of TACSO office in Serbia (Technical Assistance for Civil Society). Our intention is to motivate socio-entrepreneurial initiative, through presenting theme with the existing success stories, and at the same time to draw attention to the relevant state institutions to the importance of this form of business as a possible solution of some problems that are facing society. Also, we follow the development of the legal and institutional framework in Serbia, as well as the measures available to start this kind of business. We suggest the improvement of supporting measures for social entrepreneurship through the examples of financial, mentoring and other forms of support to individuals and groups who wish to embark themselves in the adventure of social entrepreneurship. Through the monitoring of trends in the European Union, we are pointing to the existing good practice and legal solutions that support the most appropriate forms of entrepreneurship.

Initiation of the Belgrade Declaration on the Development of Social Entrepreneurship in the Region of the Western Balkans and Turkey

By endorsing the Strasbourg Declaration in January 2014, the European Commission recognized social entrepreneurship as a business model for the 21st century, answering the financial, social, cultural and ecological needs of communities. We consider that the countries in our region – our governments, CSOs and social enterprises – for whom the EU accession is the most important reform process under way, must use this moment and the establishment of EU agenda in this area to engage its newly established regional platform for the development of social entrepreneurship in all those processes. That is why the Coalition for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship in Serbia initiated the Belgrade Declaration on the Development of Social Entrepreneurship in the Region of the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Representatives of the civil society from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey initiated and signed the Belgrade Declaration during the Social Innovations Forum held in Belgrade on March 14th 2014. The declaration has already been signed by more than 460 organisations from the region, which is important step in gathering wider support and giving the whole initiative stronger legitimacy while proposing measures to improve national and regional framework for SE.

On March 15th 2014 the Social Entrepreneurship Forum – first regional network for the development of social entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans and Turkey – was formed by Partners Albania, Center for Change and Conflict Management (Albania), Mozaik Foundation (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Center for Institutional Development – CIRa (Macedonia), Forum for Civic Initiatives – FCI (Kosovo), Fund for Active Citizenship – fAKT (Montenegro), Third Sector Foundation of Turkey – TUSEV (Turkey) and Coalition for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship in Serbia (Serbia). The Forum's founding organizations will jointly work on: 

Advocacy with the aim of creating a more stimulating environment for the development of social entrepreneurship, by promoting measures that will enable a more favourable ecosystem, in the areas such as the taxation system, finance, capacity building and networking;
Sharing and learning – through networking, exchange of experiences, learning, study visits to the Forum member countries and the EU countries;
Promotion of social entrepreneurship across the region.

Information about this initiative was sent to all relevant national, regional and EU institutions, research centres and institutions that deal with social economy as well as to networks of practitioners that gather social entrepreneurs across Europe, with the aim to gather wide network of support for future advocacy activities. Recognizing the importance EU accession process and member states’ specific experience has had in the creation of more stimulating environment for the SE and financial instruments for their development, the Belgrade Declaration, stresses the importance of “EU provide financial support to social enterprises across the region through different funds and other financial measures, particularly within the IPA funds, thereby not limiting its support to the structural funds accessible only to the EU member states. The EU accession process represents an important opportunity to promote and develop social entrepreneurship in the Western Balkans countries and Turkey.” 






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