November 24, 1992 – European Movement in Serbia (EMinS) founded;

December, 1993 – EMinS became a full member of the International European Movement, a pan-European non-governmental organization founded in 1948. Gathering 43 National Councils, its main role is the process of European integration;

December, 1994 – the first issue of “Europe +“ magazine, the voice of the European Movement in Serbia, published in two languages, Serbian and English;

April, 1995 – In cooperation with International Politics and the Institute for Economic Sciences, EMinS started its publishing activity; the first book was “The EU Treaty – From Rome to Maastricht”;

May, 1995 – EMinS started to celebrate the Europe Day and adopted a declaration “For Serbia in United Europe“;

1995 – The Forum for International Relations joined EMinS;

September, 1996 – EMinS organized its first international conference;

September, 1996 – For the first time, EMinS moved into its own office in Djura Jaksic Street, Belgrade;

December, 1997 – First EMinS Local Council established in Zrenjanin;

April, 1998 – Special supplement “Evropa +“ commenced publication;

August, 1998 – EMinS set up its website, which is, still today, the most comprehensive source of information about the EU and the process of European integrations in Serbia and the region;

September, 2000 – EMinS successfully created and implemented a pre-election campaign “Vote to Make Waves“;

November, 2000 –EminS and European House Čukarica started organizing “European evenings”, and established award “Najevropljanin”

May, 2003 – EMinS and MEP jointly received a plaque for their “Contribution to the Year of Europe“, an annual award to individuals or organizations that contributed to the promotion of European ideas during the previous year
February, 2003 – EMinS became the national coordinator for Serbia for the trans-national competition “Europe in School“;

April, 2004 – The special supplement “Evropa +” issued electronically;
Year 2005 – By choosing the best 100 students from all universities in Serbia, EMinS launched a campaign “Travelling to Europe”. To date, 1240 Serbian students have had the opportunity to visit European cities;

Year 2006 – EMinS founded the National Convention on the EU as a framework for thematically structured debate between representatives of state administration, politicians, non-governmental organizations, experts, professional organizations and a wider public on negotiations regarding the Stabilization and Association Agreement between Serbia and the EU;

November, 2007 – EMinS celebrated its fifteenth anniversary;

Year 2008 - EMinS runs a program for high school students, "Ring for Europe";

Year 2010 - European Movement celebrates 18 years of work;
Year 2011 - EMinS elect a new president, Vlastimir Matejić;

Year 2012 - European Movement celebrates 20 years of work;


1992 – 1994 Vojin Dimitrijević
1994 – 1996 Mirko Tepavac
1996 – 1999 Desimir Tošić
1999 – 2011 Živorad Kovačević
2011 - Vlastimir Matejić

Secretary Generals

1992 – 2001 Dušan Janjić
1994 – 2001 Jelica Minić
2001 – 2006 Danijel Pantić
2006 – 2007 Ksenija Milenković
2007 – Maja Bobić



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