The Europe Day, May 9th, representsa triumph of the idea of peace, reconciliation and cooperation in Europe. During these days of new turmoils, it is cardinal to bare in mind the initial idea of Europe – common interests and unity in progress. 

European Movement in Serbia welcomes the fact that this year’s Europe Day Serbia celebrates as a candidate country thathas formaly opened the accession negotiations with the EU. Since 2014 is declared European Year of Citizens, we congratulate all citizens of Serbia and invite them to further their participation in the negotiation process through participatory mechanisms and public debates. 

This year, as in years before, the European Movement in Serbia will with its Network mark the Europe Day by organizing a number of different public manifestations and discussions, with an aim to bring European values closer to citizens and show how these values are a common thread that ties us together. During the traditional Street Action organized in several cities in Serbia, EMinS’ activists and volunteers will give out promotional and informative materials on accession negotiations and, therefore, incite public to pose questions and ask explanations of key issues regarding the process.

Europe Day activities:

  • Cvetni Trg Street Action, 11am – 2pm

European Movement in Serbia in collaboration with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the European Movement International is celebrating Europe Day, May 9th in Serbia by organizing several public manifestations.

Within Europe Day celebration, EMinS is organizing a Street action at Cvetni Trg in Belgrade, from 11am to 2pm. Citizens will be able to visit the Movement’s stand and discuss topics of Serbia’s European integration and accession negotiations with activists and volunteers. Citizens will be invited to participate in a quiz “Opening Chapters” and test their knowledge on specific subjects regarding negotiation chapters and win prizes.

Street Actions will be organized in 6 other cities in Serbia in which EMinS has Local Councils: Valjevo, Lazarevac, Kraljevo, Novi Pazar, Leskovac. Novi Sad held their Street manifestation - Towards the Europe Day on May 7th.

The Europe Day is an opportunity to bring European ideas and values closer to the citizens through activities and festivals across the continent.

  • Kafana Talks "On the Right Track" in the Balkan Express restaurant (Zemun), 12pm-2pm

The European Movement in Serbia in collaboration with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is organizing traditional Kafana Talks, titled this year “On the Right track” in the Balkan Express Restaurant in Zemun (Despota Đurđa Street 22, 12pm-2pm).

This symbolically named restaurant will host an informal discussion on European integration process of Serbia and accession negotiation with emphasis on Chapters on Agriculture, Rural development, Regional politics, Justice and Security, as well as prospects and challenges that come with this process. Foreign embassy representatives from the EU member states, both new and old members, will give considerable contribution to the discussion with their accession experiences.

The 2 hours long interactive conversation will take place around four tables. Each table will, besides the host from EMinS which will lead the discussion, gather representatives of state administration, diplomatic community, eminent experts from discussed fields, CSO representatives, students and EMinS educational programs participants, as well as selected EMinS social networks friends.

Goal of the Kafana Talks is to gather counterparts from different spheres and incite conversation about integration process, as a key issue, while set in an informal atmosphere of kafana, a traditional place of discussion in our region. With full recognition and regard to European Year of Citizens our intention is to include young, educated and interested people and give make their voices be heard. 



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