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First Round Table - She Knows: Digital Marketing

25.02.2017 14:00

The First Round Table in the framework of the program "Share your knowledge" on the topic "She knows: Digital Marketing" will be held on Saturday February 25, 2017 starting at 2.00 p.m. in Belgrade Art Hotel (Knez Mihailova 27).

Digital marketing is primarily concerned with creating online strategies to improve branding and enhancing the visibility on the Internet. Having in mind the staggering increase of Internet users in the world (70-80%), this area of marketing is becoming more popular. Even 90% of Internet users ages 24 to visit and use social networks while 77% visit online stores and purchases products. Also, the fact that 37% of users through search engines come up with the desired product, rather than via direct marketing (34%) only speaks to the fact that digital marketing only took hold, but that in the near future is expected to achieve its full potential.

In Serbia, there is a large number of digital marketing agencies. The increasing use of this means of advertising has led to the study of this area in universities, in addition to a variety of books and blogs on this subject. Digital advertising in Serbia lags behind the rest of the world, especially in the field of social networks, where the high cost of introducing innovations late and after 2 years.

The goal of the round table is for to mentees and mentors to go through informal discussion with panelists informed about digital marketing, learn about the different experiences, with special emphasis on personal challenges and motivation for creative approach to digital marketing and use of it. This is a great opportunity for young women to improve existing and develop new knowledge on this subject, talk to colleagues about their experiences and maybe in the future dare to be themselves more concerned with digital marketing and use its advantages.

What is the key to success in the areas of digital marketing in which you are? What are the current trends to pay attention? What makes the content interesting? How to be recognizable in a sea of content on the Internet? Digital marketing is a powerful tool for spreading ideas. How to use digital marketing to promote the emancipation of women and the changing gender stereotypes?


To all this, our panelists will try to answer:

  • Aleksandra Petrovski, author of the blog / and co-founder,
  • Ivana Ćirković, Director and author of the site / and
  • Jelena Radovanović, author of the blog / and co-founder 


The discussion will be moderated by Jelena Vasilev, communication sector in Erste bank Serbia


The Program ,,Share your knowledge” is an unique program which gives opportunity for personal and professional development of women. The program is based on concept of mentoring, and is aimed on developing support between women, through sharing of knowledge, experience and solidarity, promotion of good role models, networking and making women stronger. The main goal of the program is the professional and personal growth of women in our society, through the sharing of knowledge and experiences. The main idea of the program is to have successful and competent women, leaders for different professions that will share their knowledge and experience with young women with similar interests in order to contribute to the making of new opportunities for young women for the development of their careers with the intention of making a positive shift and establishing a healthy base for future long-lasting cooperation. The Mentoring model was developed in other parts of the world and it is successfully realized in all social areas, from science and business to politics. This model is adapted to Serbia considering our environment and social opportunities.

The Embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, ERSTE bank, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and European Movement in Serbia (EMinS) jountly implement program “Share your knowledge - Become a Mentor” from 2010.

More about the program you can read on the page Share Your Knowledge.



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