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Life After the referendum in Britain

27.06.2016 16:00

Key speakers are:


  • Mr. Petros Fassoulas, Secretary General, European Movement International; “London: A view from Brussels”
  • Prof. Slobodan Markovic, Faculty of Political Science; “Where goes the United Kingdom?”
  • Mrs. Ivana Miloradovic, Foreign Affairs Editor, Radio Television of Serbia; “Referendum in Britain and EU Enlargement”

Moderator: Mrs. Antonela Riha 


The public debate will take place  at the EU Info Centre Belgrade (Kralja Milana 7 Street) at 4 p.m.

A referendum is being held on Thursday, June 23 to decide whether Britain should leave or remain in the EU. It is just one of the challenges that EU is currently facing. On the matter of point it is possible to have a crucial effect on further European integration, EU Enlargement and EU project as we known. Not just that the British public are split regarding referendum, but also policy and decision makers within EU and in Member States. Actually, there are two approaches to the referendum. The first one says that referendum marks the beginning of the end of EU project.

Proponents of second approaches argue that referendum is just business as usual. With or without Britain the EU will be crossing by its own way. As usually, the truth is somewhere out there. Regardless various prediction and scenarios the word should be spoken after the June 23rd. This debate is dedicated to this – the life after referendum in Britain.

The debate will be attended by representatives of the diplomatic core, state institutions, political parties, civil society organizations, academic and concerned public circles as well as the media.


Public debate is organized by the European Movement in Serbia and EU Info Center. 


Addidional information: Mr. Aleksandar Bogdanovic,, +381 11 3640 174.


Contact for Media: Mrs. Ljubica Marković,, +381 63 450 226.  



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