Forum for International Relations


  President of the Forum: 
  Jelica Minić
  Deputy President of the Forum:
  Dragan Đukanović
  Executive Secretary:
  Svetlana Stefanović
Members of the Forum - pdf

The Forum for International Relations was founded in 1992, originally named the Civic Alliance of Serbia’s Commission for International Relations, it took its present name as an independent body within the framework of the European Movement in Serbia in 1995. The Forum has been continuously active to date.

It was established by a group of eminent professors and researchers in the fields of international law and international political and economic relations, experienced diplomats, and leading foreign policy analysts from the independent media who decided to join the European Movement in Serbia. From the very beginning, the Forum brought together some of the most prominent foreign policy experts, who represent its most valuable asset.

The Forum is a unique institution in terms of its membership, competences and democratic qualities. For fifteen years now, the Forum has been holding meetings with a guest speaker, every single Wednesday at 6:00 pm, to discuss topics relevant for foreign policy and international relations.

The Forum is focused on giving its contribution to public understanding of today’s changing world, based on realistic premises, and formulating Serbia’s policy based on such an approach. The Forum has often addressed the general public with its evaluations, opinions, initiatives and documents. Among other things, it offered a Draft Platform for an Alternative Foreign Policy. The Forum has also organized a number of open sessions on current international policy issues.







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