"This is the moment when we want to offer solutions, and with our knowledge’s, skills and wisdom to contribute to the development of a model that will optimally meet the needs of the all citizens of Serbia. Women make up the majority of the population of Serbia, as demonstrated by the statistics, earn less and have until more work and more concerned about others. Therefore, we are actively involved in the processes of defining and implementing development policies". Women's Platform for the Development of Serbia 2014-2020, Palic, 2014.


European Movement in Serbia and Serbian Chamber of Commerce are organizing the first conference of “Forum for Women‘s Entrepreneurship Development”, which will be held in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (13-15 Resavska Str.) in Belgrade on March 30, 2015, beginning at 9.30 a.m. 

The Forum for Women‘s Entrepreneurship Development gathers all major actors involved in the development and improvement of women’s entrepreneurship with the main goal to partake in formulating a long-term public policy in this area. This specifically includes advocacy for adoption of systemic measures aimed at improving business environment, including access to funding sources, advancement of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, as well as the development of a sustainable system of mentoring and promoting of women’s entrepreneurship. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary to establish the connection and synchronized action of all associations and other forms of women’s entrepreneurship organizations in Serbia.

Economic empowerment of women contributes to the adoption of new values and creation of new jobs, regional and rural development; it induces greater social inclusion of women and adds to their economic independence; it creates a basis for progress in the field of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and cooperatives, and changes the framework of thinking about gender equality.

In Serbia, numerous studies were launched in order to explore the position of women’s entrepreneurs and to determine the way to improve it. However, all findings, recommendations, initiatives or guidelines for the conduct of appropriate policies continue to represent fragments of the overall scene and are not adequately transformed into a single platform followed by a strategy and a clear action plan. Therefore, Forum aspires to capitalize all previous efforts, define a platform for action and adopt an operational plan for the development of women’s entrepreneurship in Serbia. Examples of good practise experiences of other countries, particularly those that are member states of the European Union, will be used.



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