European Movement in Serbia has the most developed network of local councils in the Serbian non-governmental sector. The establishment of Local Councils throughout Serbia is the result of the policy of decentralization and horizontal networking, as well as promotion of local initiatives. The strategy was devised in 1997 and it is focused on Local development with particular emphasis on SME's, reform of the local self government, regional cross border cooperation and public private partnerships.

The local councils are autonomous, registered as independent legal entities, and free in planning their activities while following the fundamental values of EMinS. Today, this network consists of 14 local councils.

Collective Members of EminS are:

  • Transparency Serbia
  • Victimology Society of Serbia 
  • Generation 21
  • First European House – Cukarica
  • European Vojvodina
  • Junior Achievement Serbia
  • Association of Business Women
  • Young European Federalists
  • Initiative Group Alpbah
  • Women Government 
  • Chevening Society
  • Union of European Federalists

EMinS membership in the Networks and Associations

EMins is a member of European Movement International from 1993.

Network in the region

The work on reestablishing and normalization of broken ties with European countries and especially with ex-Yugoslav republics is an important segment of EMinS work. Regional cooperation is a precondition for European integration, but it is our firm belief that without intensive cooperation with the neighboring countries there cannot be any democratic, economic, or social development of our country.

EMinS and six other representatives of Western Balkans’ civil society initiated establishment of the Coalition for Regional Cooperation and European Integration. The Coalition is to act as the voice of the Region with the purpose of enhancing the regional cooperation and EU integration processes through implementation of various action and research orientated projects.

On June 4th 2007, CIVIS was founded. CIVIS aspires to be a unique platform for the dialog in the region and a communication bridge with flows of ideas, projects, studies and thoughts in both directions. CIVIS is unique network from SEE that was granted participatory status in the Council of Europe within one of its main pillars – Conference of INGO’ – International Nongovernmental Organizations.

EMinS is also founder and member of other regional initiatives: Igman Initiative, PHILIA – association of multiethnic cities, Civil Dialogue etc.

Cooperation with public sector

With the aim of creating lasting partnerships, the European Movement in Serbia has signed several protocols on cooperation with the most relevant institutions in Serbia for local economic development, including: Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, Ministry for Diaspora and National Employment Agency, as well as protocols on cooperation with forty-five municipalities in Serbia. Along with other relevant NGOs, EMinS signed a Memorandum on Cooperation with the Serbian European Integration Office in 2005. Further more, in order to develop and advance its research and educational activities, EMinS has signed MoU with Institute of Economic Sciences. At the end of 2009, EMinS signed MoU with Ministry for Diaspora.

EMinS have established close cooperation with the European Integration Committee of the Serbian Parliament, as well as with the respective ministries. EMinS maintains regular contacts with all relevant governmental, non-governmental, scientific, and research-oriented institutions.



  •  Belgrade Security Forum



    National Convention on the European Union





  • Beta press

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Serbia


  • Slovak Aid

  • Evropa Plus