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She knows digital marketing, said the participants of a round table for the new generation of mentoring pairs in the Project "Share knowledge". The power of digital media lies in the possibility of fast and easy mobilization of the online community for good ideas and positive action. In this sense, digital marketing can initiate positive change gender stereotypes and distorted images of women.


Moderator of the discussion held on Saturday, February 25, was Jelena Vasilev from the communications sector in Erste Bank, who initially explained the concept of digital marketing and presented the participants. About the techniques and tools that help in creating online content spoke of Aleksandra Petrovski, author of the blog / alex5rovski and co-founder, Ivana Ćirković, Director and author of the site/ and Jelena Radosavljević, author of the blog/www. and co-founder


Aleksandra explained which content is best for representing throught example "everything that you do not want to do in the middle of Knez Mihailova or Dnevnik 2, should not be displayed on your web page or social networks". Ivana pointed to the tools that we can all easy and simple use and take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Internet, in order to show yourself or your product in the best way. Although these tools can be helpful, the most important in the creation of content on the network's authenticity, that best describe the motto "Be yourself, everyone else is already busy". Jelena is then followed up and noted that in addition to authenticity, extremely important and empathy and awareness of what it is that the audience or customers need. "The most important questions to ask yourself are how I can help others ?, and how they can solve the problem?", reminded Jelena.

Then the speakers responded to the questions of mentors and mentees and encouraged them to try to create their authentic messages and online communities, because the on-line voice, one that is more and more, better and still be heard. In the end, all the panelists pointed to the importance of mentoring, because it's a great way to women, especially at the beginning of his career, to strengthen, expand their knowledge and acquire new skills that will serve them for further professional development.

The Project "Share Your Knowledge" is implemented for the seventh year in a row by the European Movement in Serbia, the US Embassy, Erste Bank and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).


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