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A second workshop on the Program „Share your knowledge“ was held on the last Sunday of June, with the topic about negotiation. The workshop was conducted by our alumni, Aurena Dinić, an expert for the development and education of employees in Delhaize Serbia. In an interesting and interactive manner, she brought to mind to the mentors and mentees the term and importance of negotiating, both in business and in everyday life, as well as the importance of applying certain negotiating tactics.

Aurena started the workshop with the questions what is negotiating for the participants, and when we are negotiating. „Since it is a day-to-day process it is important to ask ourselves how we are negotiating: do we tend to satisfy both sides and their interests or we tend to achieve what is good exclusively for us“, Aurena noted. The compromise is crucial in negotiating, mainly because it leaves space for cooperation with the other side in the future. 


After that, to participants were presented the basics of negotiation as well as four basic negotiating approaches. Aurena then focused to tactical approaches as well as the qualities and skills that a good negotiator should possess. The girls talked about whether it is good to have a structured negotiation process or not, and what kind of power they use when they negotiate. There are also deceptive tactics that can be useful, and which we use depending on how we want to end the negotiations.


The participants also did the exercise: they received the tasks to achieve their goals through negotiation, but to use the knowledge they got at the workshop. After the exercise they discussed on negotiating communication positions, and how to make as good as possible alternative to the agreement reached.

The next joint meeting for the participants of the Program „Share your knowledge“ is scheduled for the end of August.



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