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The second workshop of the program Share Your Knowledge, held on Saturday, April 29, 2017, was devoted to the road to success. Mentees and mentors learned and talked about the role and importance of an individual within a team, about setting priorities, the connection between personal and professional life, as well as the necessity of empathy in communication with others. The workshop was lead by Mirjana Gomilanović, mentor of the Program, coach, managing director and the owner of the agency One2grow. 

The workshop began with a practical exercise where mentors and mentees had the opportunity to tell in pairs what they might be grateful for at that point in their lives, where they were, in their opinion, giving less than needed, where they didn’t feel fulfilled as well as how they saw their chances at that moment. At the end of the interactive part, all were given homework – to determine which aspect of their lives they could begin to improve on that very day.

The themes of the second part were our beliefs and what they actually represent and the same for values and how they affect our personal and professional communication and behavior. Ms. Gomilanović pointed out that beliefs are everything that we have gained through experience and that we can get rid of, but also everything that becomes our truth. On the other hand, values are formed from the earliest days of our childhood, through our family and the environment where we grow up. Mentors and mentees had the opportunity to gain insight into the model that explains the structure of our behavior and which consists of levels of environment, as well as to gain insight into behavior, skills and values which make us as a separate entity.


Then, participants of the Program were given advice on how to operate in an environment that is not in accordance with their current preferences of behavior and that does not allow them to reach their goals. The key lies in solving the matter gradually while adapting to the circumstances, without having to lose personal characteristics in the process. In that context, there were talks about operating in a corporation which can contribute to someone’s loss of personality. Therefore, it is essential for the corporations to foster corporate culture which consist of defining values, defining the principles for which the corporation advocates.

At the very end, during the talks about the way of operating in a team, Mirjana pointed out that the secret lies in possessing and spreading empathy and flexibility towards other people. She stated that empathy is what empowers us and in no way diminishes our personality because values and beliefs stay the same and the only thing that changes is the way we treat others. “Accepting other people’s differences is the only way for the team to function properly.” Gomilanović concluded. 


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