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European Integration of the Western Balkan - Can the V4 Countries Serve as Role Models?


The study deals with the results of the great EU expansion in 2004 and its impact on internal reforms in the Visegrad Group countries (V4), as well as related adjustments within the EU. It aimed to identify practical lessons for Serbia and the Western Balkans (WB) which could make the EU enlargement process towards this region faster and more efficient.
The balance of enlargement/accession for the V4 countries (successes and failures) is examined through analysis of the results achieved in: 1) the field of foreign and security policy, 2) functioning of democratic institutions and the public administration reform, 3) use of EU funds, with the impact on functioning of their economies and social systems, and 4) importance of regional structures during and after the EU accession. Achievements of the V4 countries in these areas since joining the EU have been an important incentive both for the Western Balkan countries and the EU in justifying further enlargement efforts, but also in identifying key strengths and weaknesses of the process. It was examined which interest groups were the main carriers of the integration processes, as well as what kind of political and institutional support they had.
The same analytical procedure was used to determine the current position of Serbia, the progress which has been made, the biggest laggings, the sources of support, as well as the deceleration in the reform and European integration process. The study includes recommendations to Serbia and WB countries in the proposed areas.


The study is written as part of the project European Integration of the Western Balkans - Can the Visegrad Group Serve as a Role Models? supported by the International Visegrad Fund.


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Jelica Minic, Dragan Djukanovic, Jasminka Kronja - Regional Cooperation on the Western Balkans - What next?


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