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Facing the Future


Purpose of the project is to create a public space in Serbia where open discussions can take place among the youth on the need to confront Serbia's recent past, in the context of how this impacts Serbia's future.


The project comprises two main components


1. Seven months interactive and policy oriented exercises engaging students and young intellectuals of the six Serbian Universities to discuss the way forward for Serbia by raising awareness about importance of issues related to dealing with Serbia's past. The six round tables at university centers in Serbia will bring together students and intellectuals in Serbia with appropriate high level official representation from within Serbia and abroad. Detailed reports from all these events will be submitted, discussed, and compiled at a closing conference in Belgrade, where a series of conclusions and plan of action will be tabled. Conclusion from the panels will be presented in a form of messages from students and line of proposed activities which will contribute to creation of space in Serbia in order to initiate process of reconciliation of Serbia with recent past on the way to better future.


2. Students' Essay Contest on the topics "On guilt, truth and change in Serbia" and "Inter religion dialogue as a tool for reconciliation", including the importance of facing the recent past, recognition of legal, political and moral responsibilities as the precondition for integration in community of international democratic countries. The Contest aims to generate discussions around two key issues: facing the truth and telling the truth is necessary to encourage public and political acceptance that there is no other way to deal with the legacy of the past conflicts in former Yugoslavia; this is not only international obligation which the States from the region including SaM have assumed as members of the UN but also a moral issue, without it neither regional reconciliation nor recovery and full democratisation of all societies are possible.


The Contest also aims to promote the values of democracy, tolerance and non-discrimination.


Panels - objectives

  • Raising public awareness, especially among students, that there is no democratic European Serbia without proper confrontation with Serbia's internal political past and identification of the role of the state in the recent wars;
  • Changes in attitude of the university students in Serbia who are to participate on the public panels and write essays, or follow the events
  • Changes in public politics and practice based on increased public awareness on the close connection between the past and the future of Serbia.


The main target group will be university students and young intellectuals from six public universities in Serbia: Belgrade, Niš, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Subotica and Novi Payar.


The project is managed by OSCE Mission to Serbia and Montenegro in cooperation with European Movement in Serbia and Student Union of Serbia
















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