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The first workshop of the ‘Share your knowledge - Become a mentor’ Program was held on March 29, 2014. The workshop was on Public speaking and the lecturers were Ms. Andrea Brbaklić, Head of Communications in Erste Bank, Ms. Anđela Dukovski, 2010/2011 mentee alumni, and Ms. Kristina Jazinka Nikolić, 2013/2014 program mentee. Both mentees and mentors of the new generation attended the workshop.

Ms. Andrea Brabaklić spoke about public appearance, which in itself presents the general impression we make. She explained the forms and characteristics of media today, as well as effective ways of collaborating with them. Communication has a significant strategic aspect, and the importance of analysis should not be disregarded. It is principal to know who we are communicating with, to have a defined goal and a plan of communication. The message should be regarded from the standpoint of the person that will be receiving it. That way, the most suitable communication structure will be used for the specific audience. On the other hand mistakes make good lessons for future challenges. During the presentation she introduced everyone with current trends and tendencies in the field of communication. Online communication requires more attention and strategic development now days, in oppose to the more traditional models. “We can ignore Internet, but it will not ignore us,” she emphasized. The content and the course of the communication is modifying, interaction with the clients/ public is inevitable and mustn’t be ignored. Furthermore, the risk of interaction increases with the size of the company.

Ms. Anđela Dukovski, mentee alumni, presented the examples of press releases, press conferences and online communication tools. Also, she thoroughly explained Erste Bank’s external communication and the importance and value of the return information from their clients.

Ms. Kristina Jazinka Nikolić spoke about the communication of a startup company “Strawberry Energy” with the media. She demonstrated how even a small company, without large funds, but with a great idea can gain media attention. With an idea to encourage everyone for future public speaking opportunities, Kristina decided to demystify stage fright. She defined stage fright as an adaptive function of the organism and suggested to, in order to overcome it, expose ourselves more to public speaking and read about it.

Special attention was given to an exercise, in a form of answering questions in front of a camera. Program mentees as well as their mentors did the exercise and then discussed their performance and exchanged advice on how to improve their skills.

The workshop was a great opportunity for young women to improve and develop their own public speaking skills, gain confidence and encourage their voices to be more powerful.


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