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Serbia on its European path, no matter how long, through the negotiations of membership with the European Union (EU) seeks to be changed, bettered, modernised and rendered more successful, and to become a high-quality and active member of the European community. For the creation of a modern and European Serbia, the participation of all its citizens is necessary.


The presidential elections of the Republic of Serbia will be held in an atmosphere of accentuated Euroscepticism and the question of what type of Europe we will find ourselves negotiating with. Euscepticism thrives in the slow pace of reform implementation, both ours and Europe’s, and most of all, in the absence of a visible and tangible improvement and prosperity for the citizens of the Republic of Serbia. We are confident that the process of European integration is a constant incentive for the consolidation of democracy, as well as economic development.

We call on the citizens of Serbia to use their democratic rights and to break the political apathy with their clear political stance thus showing their democratic capacity. A citizen’s right and duty is to, according to his own free choice, give his vote to the best candidate for the president of the Republic of Serbia. We particular call on the young to use their voice in order to actively participate in the building of a more secure and certain future.

It is our belief that this candidate needs to represent and sincerely advocate for the following:

  • The acceleration of European integrations;
  • Peace, stability and dialogue with our neighbours in the region and hence the commitment to the lowering of political tensions;
  • The rule of law, an efficient and independent judiciary, a strict separation of power between the judiciary, executive and legislative branches, democracy in place of partocracy, that entails democratic values and freedoms and a culture of political and public discourse, stimulating the freedom of thought and expression, and the freedom of the media.


The institution of the president that the citizens of Serbia elect directly, has a large responsibility in representing and respecting democracy, the rule of law, but also to a clear separation of power and the subjugation of the ruling to the law and the Constitution. We thus remind all of the Constitutional authorizations and limitations of the institution of the president that we have to keep in mind in assessing the pre-electoral promises of the candidates.

We expect that the president of the Republic of Serbia state and confirm in practice the European commitment of the Republic of Serbia, that is not only a commitment to membership in the EU, but to a set of values that the EU represents and promotes, and that he, in an adequate way, mobilise all resources in the country so that we may, together, find the best answer to the challenges of future change, both in our society and the EU itself.

Finally, we want to address the political actors in Serbia to state that the regularity of the electoral process is one of the principal attainments of modern and democratic Serbia that we must not jeopardise, as this would be an assault against the development of democracy and its values, as the foundations of all the rights and freedom of the citizens of Serbia.


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