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Guide To Europe 2020 Strategy


Europe 2020 is a new EU strategy which aims at economic development of the EU based on knowledge while at the same time preserving the environment, high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion. In order to ensure that each EU member state implement the strategy Europe 2020 in a manner that is most appropriate for each country individually, the key priorities of Europe 2020 at the EU level are transferred into national objectives that each member state should achieve. Each member state defines its national objectives in their national reform agenda.


However it is important to note that the responsibility for implementing the strategy Europe 2020 action does not lie solely on the national, regional and local authorities. In addition to all levels of government for the successful implementation of the Europe 2020 action strategy in its implementation the representatives of:


  • Business
  • Unions
  • Professional associations and
  • Civil society organizations must be included.


The objectives and obligations under the Europe 2020 strategy do not constitute additional criteria or economic objectives for the candidate countries or potential candidates for EU membership. However, as noted above implementation strategy Europe 2020 will require joint action and individual Member States and the European Union as a whole. Therefore it is expected from the candidate countries that the economic reforms necessary for EU membership among other things, comply with the goals of the Europe 2020. It is important for candidate countries that the application of new values and principles be accepted by all participants in the process and, moreover, their use must be monitored efficiently in order to properly advance in the EU accession process. Also the economic changes that necessarily arise from the implementation of Europe 2020 strategy will especially create new challenges for the candidate countries for EU membership.




  1. To improve awareness and understanding of the priorities of Europe 2020 and the necessary activities in the candidate countries for EU membership;
  2. To increase the capacity and knowledge of all levels of government and citizens on the priorities and instruments of Europe 2020 strategy;
  3. To improve the planning and implementation of necessary reforms which are essential for economic and regional development of Serbia.


EMinS team will prepare a Guide to Europe 2020 strategy whose purpose will be to provide an overview of priorities, instruments and mechanisms for implementing and monitoring the implementation of the EU 2020 strategy, the necessary activities of the candidate countries for EU membership, the necessary actions in Serbia for the efficient preparation and definition of national goals for future participation in the implementation of Europe 2020 strategy, and with the aim to help all levels of government to, in the most efficient way, plan and implement reforms and to harmonize its objectives with the priorities of Europe 2020 with involvement of all relevant stakeholders in these processes. The proposed guide would be the first comprehensive publication in Serbia concerning the issue of Strategy Europe 2020. Receiving the candidate status, the Republic of Serbia will enter a phase of more demanding reforms in its goal to EU accession. Necessary reforms should be planned and implemented in accordance with the priorities and objectives of key policies in the EU. New Strategy Europe 2020 is certainly one of the most important strategies of the EU. There is an urgent need at all levels of government in Serbia, but also at the level of civil society, academic and the student population for additional information about this instrument of development policy. The fact is that the harmonization of local planning documents is in the function of local economic development, and at the end of the process of European integration provides further important need for the implementation of this project. Authors the book will be experts in the field of European integration and thematic areas defined as priorities of Europe 2020.


  1. Employment
  2. Research and development / innovation
  3. Climate change / energy
  4. Education
  5. Fight against poverty / social inclusion


With the aim of informing the public, professionals and the media with new publications and information, the promotion will be organized in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac and Zaječar. Promotions of the Guide will bring together representatives of national, regional and local administrations, civil society, experts and the media. The promotion will be an occasion and to present and question the most important problems in Serbia's own economic development plan in accordance with the priorities of Europe 2020, the participation of representatives of all levels of government in creating and implementing national programs of economic reform, citizen and civil society participation in that process, the challenges in definition of national development objectives by fields and systems to monitor their implementation.


TIME FRAME: December 15th, 2010 – June 30th, 2011


PROJECT SUPPORTED BY: Fund for Open Society










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