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Connectivity, collaboration, involvement and networking at all levels and thus of all interested parties, in today’s interconnected world, are the prerequisites for growth and success for all legal entities and enterprises, most prominently for those that have the fulfilment of a social aim in their description. The recognition of common interests is a precondition and the only way for the cooperation to be useful and enabling in strengthening the influence of these enterprises in society. Due to this, the European Movement in Serbia is forming a working group to create the guidelines to enhance the cooperation and networking between actors in the sector of social entrepreneurship in Serbia.

The group will gather around the following themes:

1. Structuring the network of social enterprises through the choice of a model of management and the legal form;
2. Strengthening the role of the membership in the network, defining the different types of membership and rights and obligations of members; with an emphasis on formulating a shared definition of social entrepreneurship;
3. Defining clearly the activities of the network, both in the short and the long term; The basic activities of the network would be concentrated on: education, informing the public, promotion, the advocacy and development of the market. This would be prioritised in the process.
4. Designing the model for the sustaining and financing of the network, and the creation of reserve funds and other similar activities;

The working group would have a maximum of 20 active members and an unlimited number of observers. The active members would be made up of social enterprises, advocators, representatives of civil society, and so forth.

The working groups will hold four open meetings in 2017, reports from the meeting will be made public and available to all. The meetings will be attended by the active members, that would have certain obligations and tasks and observers that would be able to participate and give their contributions to the discussion. The meeting could be held in different parts of Serbia.

The preparation of the meeting would imply the writing of position papers regard the subject that is expected to be discussed at the meeting, the forwarding of the paper to all members, on which the discussion would be held at the meeting. Upon the completion of the meeting, a conclusion and recommendations would be written on the basis of which a clear insight for the further work and development of the network could be gained.

The functioning of the group would be facilitated by an experienced facilitator with the aim of defining the common interests in the best manner, as to direct the participants in the direction of better functioning and efficiency. In this manner, the model that would be put forward at the ned of every meeting would suit the needs of the majority, but would also give an insight into the specific needs of specific members, if this is perceived as relevant.

The role of the mentor would be to work with a group of individuals that shares that it is ready to commit itself to managing and developing the network. The mentor would have the task to participate in at least two meeting of the working group.

The project will take place between March and October of 2017.









































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