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On Saturday, January 28, a preparatory meeting for the seventh generation of mentees on the program "Share your knowledge " was held. The aim of the meeting was to present the activities of the program and that the participants can learn about the participation in the program and the concept of mentoring. The meeting was an opportunity for mentees to know each other, and to set their own goals and hear the impressions and experiences from the program alumnas. 

On behalf of partner organizations that are organizing the program, a new generation of mentees welcomed Svetlana Stefanović, Program Manager of the European Movement in Serbia, Erika Kuenne, Cultural Attaché at the US Embassy in Serbia and Dragana Ivetić Radić from the OSCE Mission in Serbia.

Svetlana Stefanović emphasized in her opening speech that program "Share Your Knowledge" grows every year and seeks to empower women through collaboration and knowledge sharing. During the seven years the program has tried through a series of activities and good examples, to promote the importance and the concept of mentoring in Serbia, which is still under-developed and under represented. She also said that women are one of the pillars of the European integration process, and still they are one of the most important resource of the Serbian society. 

Erika Kuenne pointed out that the US Embassy is honored to have the opportunity to be part of the program, as well as being very happy that the program of this kind held in Serbia, because it is of great importance for young women and their further strengthening and further development.

Dragana Ivetić Radić jstressed the importance of inclusion of marginalized groups of women in the program and pointed out the compliance program with the mission and goals of the OSCE Mission in Serbia. She emphasized the power and beauty of Saturdays, when everybody is mutually sharing knowledge and good energy and invited all the girls that this opportunity and seize the opportunity wisely.

During the meeting it was talked about what mentoring is and what is not and how that should be a good mentoring relationship work. It was pointed out that the mentorship program focused entirely on developing and improvement of the mentee, but also that it is a two-way process that affects mentor as well. Mentoring program is not only designed for professional improvement, but is designed on three levels. 1. Work with a mentor; 2. Joint events on the program; 3. Cooperation and networking between mentees. Participants were advised to show more initiative then their mentors and to work together on the dynamics of cooperation and communication.

In the second part of the meeting mentees were encouraged to determine the direction of their relationship with the mentor, establishing its short-term and long-term goals, as well as the areas in which they want to progress.Throught workshops they practiced setting of the goals throught SMART analysis, as well as analisysis of posibilities throught SWOT matrix. 

The last part of the meeting was dedicated to the Program Alumna. They got a chance to transfer their experiences and give advice to the new generation. The girls were talking to Anđela Cvetković, Ksenija Kiso, Ana Trifunović and Bojana Veselinović. Presentations of the alumni work are motivating because alumni pointed out that in addition to achieving its initial goals, the program is gave them a chance to gain new friends, new skills, and after completing all, become part of the Alumni Club. 


The main message that stood out after the discussion with alumni was that mentees need to exploit the program in order to get the most from it as well as the most from their selves, not only professionally but in the private area of their lifes by deepening knowledge, experience, support, contacts and network.



Project "Share your knowledge" is organized by The European Movement in Serbia for the seventh year ina row, implemented in cooperation and collaboration in and with the support of the Embassy of the United States, Erste Bank and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The program aims to bring together professional women leaders from different professions to share their knowledge and experience with young women starting their careers with similar interests and a desire to be successful in their fields. This will contribute to creating an opportunity for these women to improve their career path with the intention to achieve a positive shift in professional and personal terms, as well as to set a sound basis for future long-term cooperation


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