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The School of European Integration (SEI) traditionally continues its work with the fourth generation of participants. The first lecture for the IV SEI generation was held on May 12th, in the premises of the Center for Civil Energy in Mitrovica. Nataša Dragojlović, coordinator of the National Convention on the EU, introduced the participants with the history of the European Union, the institutional structure of the EU and the decision-making processes, as well as the complementarity of EUinstitutions.


Thanks to the interactive and multisciplinary lectures led by recognized experts, the SEI contributes to the creation of preconditions for better creation and implementation of local economic and other policies, better programming and use of EU pre-accession assistance, as well as to the promotion of cooperation across ethnic, administrative and state borders and barriers, between different sectors.

The program of SEI will be implemented within 6 months, with its first part from May to June and the second part from September to December 2016. The block-lectures will be held once a week, two times in a month. Selected participants will improve their knowledge in four program areas:

  • Introduction to the institutions, procedures and law of the European Union,
  • The EU enlargement policy,
  • The economy of the European Union,
  • Special Policy of the European Union.

In additon to the interactive lectures on program areas, participants will have the opportunity to participate in simulation of the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy as well as workshops for writing EU projects. Regional seminar will be organized on June 30th that will create agora for exchanging of experiences, good practices and better understanding of the European Integration process. In the second semester study visits will be organized in Belgrade and Pristina, as well as open lectures that will be held by eminent experts from the EU.

The School of European Integration is a project launched in 2014 by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society in cooperation with the European Movement in Serbia and NGO Aktiv. More information about the project can be found here.


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