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The second workshop on the topic "Project Management" was held on May 31, 2014 in Belgrade, as a part of the programme "Share your knowledge - Become a Mentor". The aim of the workshop was to empower young women by enhancing their knowledge in the field of project management.

The workshop was led by Ms. Tamara Glisic, alumni of the “Share your knowledge - Become a Mentor” programme.

Mentors and mentees had the opportunity to learn about the basics of writing projects, to be introduced to the principles of project management and the efficient management of the project cycle and its assorted processes. The participants were explained the essence of analysing and planning the various phases of a project before being pointed out some basic questions one should ask before fillingout the logical framework matrix and writing a project. The importance of objectively articulating the ideas to be marketed and implemented through the project was underlined. Trainer Ms. Tamara Glisic said that successful projects solve the problem causing action, whilst implemented within the agreed timeframe and budget envisioned. Additionally the importance of finding a competent and reliable partner was emphasised.

In the practical part of the workshop mentors and mentees were divided into groups, made to solve a "problem tree" by discussing the relevant causes that affect the central problem and develop consensus-based solutions. During these practical exercises, they applied their knowledge & skills in an exchange of ideas & experiences.

Special attention was given to the specific conditions and criteria that must be met when applying for funds from the European Union.

The programme “Share your knowledge - Become a Mentor” continues with its activities on the June 28, when the third round table will be held.


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