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On Saturday November 7, fifth jubilee Mentoring walk, in the framework of the Programe “Share your knowledge become a mentor” was held. Mentors and mentees, as well as the alumni and other dear gusts have gathered next to the Erste Bank and walked from Knez Mihailova Street up to the Kalemegdan. This was also the final event for the participants of the 2014/2015 generation. 

Conversation was continued through the debate “Women to women: What mentorship means to us” about the importance of the concept of the mentorship into both, professional and personal life, and as well as about how much, for the society in general, is important empowerment of women. 

The debate was opened by Aza El- Abd, Director of the USAID mission in Serbia and Maja Bobić, Secretary General of the European Movement in Serbia. In her welcoming speech El-Abd has pointed out the necessity of support and empowerment of women, because these women are those who play an important and crucial role in decision making in the entire economy. She has also said that she is very satisfied with the fact that there are more and more of these projects and initiatives, and for a successful example she mentioned a Fortune Program, which is supported by the State Department. 

Maja Bobić pointed out that there are not enough women who are at the management positions, and that Serbia is trying to solve that problem through the process of the EU integration. More than the half of women who have passed through this program have advanced in their careers, and that can be considered as one of the many successes of this program concluded Bobić. 

Svetlana Stefanović
, Project Manager of the Programe “Share your knowledge - become a mentor” has moderated the debate, which for its panelists had Tamara Glišić, Associate in the department for the EU funds, Fund “European jobs” AP Vojvodina, Jovana Štetin, Journalist of the N1 TV, Anđela Cvetković, Digital MediaPlaner, and Nevena Nikolić, Researcher for the Belgrade Center for Human Rights, and they are all alumni on this Programe. 

Tamara said that she has established a very good and productive relationship with her mentor which is still cherished today and that to her that was a great help for advancing her career. She also found herself in the role of mentor in this generation, which she took very seriously and tried to reach the high standards that her mentor has set. Tamara emphasized that a young woman in this program can be further strengthened by the positive energy that all participants have.

For Anđela, mentoring represents happiness. She pointed out that Mentorship provides a unique opportunity to discover what is that that you exactly want, what happiness represents to you and that the program is there to give you the necessary support. In addition, she said that exchange of experiences and networking are some of the key values of this program.

Perhaps the most well- known alumni, Jovana Štetin began her professional development precisely by participating in this program. She was a mentee in the first generation of the Program and her mentor was Brankica Stankovic, a brave woman who was facing many challenges herself at that very moment. Jovana has shared with the audience her story pointing out that having such a strong mentor, as Brankica was, was a great help for her to find herself and to paint her professional path. 

Nevena Nikolić has reminded us that mentor relation is not only professional support, but also a personal relation and empowerment in every sense. When asked to say in one word what does mentoring represent to them, participants responded with the words: "support", "happiness", "women", "contacts", "positive energy" and "solidarity".

After conversation with the guests, generation of participants 2014/2015 received the certificates on successful attendance on the Programe “Share Your Knowledge - Become a Mentor”.


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