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Traditional Mentoring Walk was organized on November 5 and it was used to announce a new cycle of the program "Share Your Knowledge- Become a Mentor". Mentors, mentees and their guests walk on Belgrade streets with a goal to put the spotlight on women solidarity and importance of mentoring for women empowerment in Serbia. Throughout the Program, Share Your Knowledge - Become a Mentor, young women that are at the beginning of their carriers get the opportunity to learn new things from mentors, leaders from different professions. All young leaders that are interested to develop their skills with mentors support can apply for the new cycle of the Program by the end of the month.

The first Mentoring Walk in Serbia, was organized 2008. in Belgrade. This year there was more than sixty students and future leaders, successful business women, women from public life, culture and NGO sector.

After the walk, diplomas award ceremony was organized in Impact Hub. Andrea Brbaklić, Director of the Sector for Communication and Human Resources in Erste Bank, Maja Bobić, Secretary General of European Movement in Serbia and Zorana Antonijević from Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, welcomed the guests in the name of organisers. 

Andrea Brbaklić, one of the creator of the idea about Mentoring walk in Serbia, said that the program "Share Your Knowledge - Become a Mentor", has big importance, because the participant are all friends today, and the walk is organized in 56 more towns around the world. Brbaklić stressed the importance of development of mentor system using the network that the Program has built. 

Maja Bobić said that no matter the success, support for building confidence should never stop. “It is always good to know you are not the first, you are not the only ones and the most important, that you are not alone in something. In that way the only thing we can build equal, European society for everyone", she said. 

Zorana Antonijević said that the Program incorporates double marginalized groups, as are the Roma groups and women from rural areas, because the starting position still is not the same for all women. "It is important that in this way we make a circle in which we as women can feel safe and can show our full potential."


Our mentee, Mina Stefanović, who successfully finished the program this year, shared her experience and impressions of the program. She stressed a number of things that were the most important for her and that make mentoring so important. “First and the most important is support - to step out and be better, fact that you can become successful, to learn how to recognize mentors in everyday life, because people are there to support you, the only thing left to do is to look for them. In every moment stories of other participants become your stories, because of sharing and networking becomes priceless. Last, but not least, is the feeling of belonging, knowing that it's yours and that you are accepted", she said.


Also, work of the Alumni club was presented. Alumni club was founded on 2010. Alumna Tamara Dačić stated that self – organizing and agreement inside the group are the most important in order to developed further work. 


Program "Share Your Knowledge - Become a Mentor" is a unique program which creates possibilities for personal and professional development of women. It is based on concept of mentoring and is aiming to develop mutual support among women, throughout sharing knowledge, experiences, solidarity promotion of good role models, networking and women empowerment.

It has been 150 mentors until now, including Mirjana Karanović, Ana Sofrenović, Aja Jung, Nevena Petrušić, Sonja Liht, Sonja Stojanović Gajić, Milena Dragičević Šešić, Tanja Miščević, Goradana Čomić, Andrea Brbaklić etc.

Call for new generation of participants is open. Program gives special support to entrepreneurs in agriculture and Roma women. Detail can be found here.


Program of empowering women "Share Your Knowledge - Become a Mentor" is organized and supported by European Movement in Serbia, Embassy of United States of America, OSCE Mission in Serbia and Erste Bank.


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