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Public debate within the project "Share your knowledge - become a Mentor 2013/2014" on the topic "Women in culture and art" was held on the July 5, 2014. in Čačak. Debate, besides program participants, also participated representatives of cultural institutions and associations from Čačak, and the interested public. 


Public debate on women in culture and art was held at the gallery "Risim" and spoke: Milica Petronijević, Director of the Gallery Nadežda Petrović, Jasna Dimitrijević, Director of Kolarac Foundation; Ana Sofrenović, actress and vocal artist ,Anđelka Janković, Producer and Program Coordinator in Bitef theater and Alumni of Program, Bojana Stamenković, Artistic Director of the Cultural Center LIFT and Program Participant, Tatjana Nikolić, Project Manager, Femix Info and Program Participants, Ana Ćurčin, Singer-Songwriter, and debate was moderated by Darka Radosavljević, Director of Remont.


Milica Petronijević spoke about the responsibility of managing the gallery of so great women artist, as it was Nadežda Petrović. She underlined that the each gallery requires openness, communication, mobility and inclusion of others.

Jasna Dimitrijević shared her experiences and problems that she faced like a director of significant cultural institutions. She says that is important for the success vision that should be followed and that nothing is impossible. She emphasized the importance of presence in public as one of the elements of success.

Ana Sofrenović is taught by personal experience advised that we should be brave to try any idea, because too much logic and rationalism can stop a lot of good ideas. She emphasized the importance of continuous learning, networking artists, and how important it is to move and bring ourselves in different situations.

About how from world of production has come to the world of the artist, told the Ana Ćurčin, as well as how it is in all of that has helped mutual support of the colleagues. Anđelka Janković in her work leads passion and dedication and believes that culture is not a substitute, but the key to life, because it affects construction of identity.

Bojana Stamenković talked about harmonizing three jobs, priorities and the reasons for founding LIFT, the activities and its functioning.

Tatjana Nikolić introduce the participants about the project Femix which promotes and supports women creativity. She has presented research and statistics on women's representation on the music scene in Serbia and abroad, where participants jointly concluded that it is necessary to increase the participation of women, both at the local and regional scene.

Participants of the program, before debate, visited Nadežda Petrović’s gallery and met with the life and work of this famous artist, and visited her bust, the work of Ivana Meštrović.

After exposure, in interactive discussion has been opened many questions about the place and role of art and culture in our society, as well as opportunities to develop and support artists in Serbia.


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