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The third Round Table with the topic “Women in Bussiness World” within the Programme “Share your Knowledge Become a Mentor 2012/2013” was held on June 29th 2013. This was last event among series of Round Tables and Workshops within this season of the Programme. The last joint event of all programme participants will be Mentoring Walk, in November 2013.

According to the last research reposts undertaken by UN Women office in Serbia, women enterprises constitute 26% of all active private firms in Serbian economy. Among those, women enterprises make 22% of all enterprises, while 4% constitute firms where women are (co)owners and at the same time managers in the firm. Male firms are four times more present and constitute 17,5% of all firms.

This situation is quite similar to one in the EU. This difference among presence of women enterprises in the EU countries encourages governments to define development and employment strategies toward increase of women enterprises in overall economy, creating conditions and both financial and nom-financial support where women enterprises can manage sustainability of their businesses.

During the Round Table, participants of the programme had an opportunity to informally discuss with the panellists Biljana Jovanović, Director, Luna d.o.o, Milica Dimitrijević, Director, Hanibal d.o.o, Biljana Planić, Director, Travel Agency Athos and Marianne Vuković Pal, Mentor on the Program and the Director, Ecolab Hygiene d.o.o on the challenges that women face in entrepreneurship, which are the qualities and advantages that women have comparing to man in the entrepreneurship, what are the characteristics that make women good entrepreneurs.

Within the discussion it was emphasized that women have more challenges than man in the business. Except unfavourable institutional and legal setting, women have more disadvantaged position on the labour market, they rarely have property which is important obstacle for starting their own business and they have more responsibilities in the private sphere. ,

The Round Table was a great opportunity to improve existing and develop new knowledge on the topic of entrepreneurship. 


The "Share Your Knowledge - Become a Mentor 2012/2013" program is organized for the third year in a row by European Movement in Serbia with the cooperation and support of the Embassy of the United States and Erste Bank, and this year with the support of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE ). The goal of this program is the economic and professional empowerment of women in Serbian society through exchange of experiences and knowledge between professional women leaders from different professions (business, public and civil sector) and younger women with similar interests and a desire to be successful in their fields. This will help creating opportunities for these women to improve their career path in order to achieve positive change and to set a sound basis for future long-term cooperation.

* In partnership with members of its Global Women’s Leadership Network, organization Vital Voices coordinates Mentoring walks in several countries of the world. All of this walks are taking place at the same day, and the main goal is to share knowledge and experience to young colleagues. Since the establishment of the Global Women’s Leadership Network in 2008, to this date, this initiative has brought together several thousand women leaders from all continents. Mentoring walks illustrate the commitment of women to global leadership development and highlighting the achievements of women around the world.


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