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On Saturday, May 27,, at 2:00 pm at the Cultural Center “Parobrod“, the second round-table was held and it addressed the topic “Yes She Can“ within the program “Share Your Knowledge“.


Mentors and mentees had the opportunity to hear the experiences of: Snežana Madžarević, the Chairwoman of the Local Community Council of Vitkovac, Jasmina Juras, the only female referee in the men's category of Euroleague, Selena Simić, drummer and Jelena Erić Rakonjac, the Vice-president of the Handball Federation of Vojvodina. 


Mentors and mentees had opportunity to listen the stories of those women about how they started doing those jobs, the obstacles that they encountered, whether they had a mentor and whether they would do anything differently. The moderator was Maja Ciganović, the president of "Center for Affirmation of Women in Sport".

The challenge that Selena Simić faced as a female drummer was the environment that doesn't allow women to try and prove themselves in male-dominated occupations and therefore everyone stays lulled into the standard division into so-called male and female-dominated occupations. According to her, the most important thing on the road to breaking stereotypes is support and that fact encouraged her to organize workshops for girls who want to try their hand at playing drums. 

Jasmina Juras, one of the few female referees in basketball, stated that the road is extremely hard and tiring and that male colleagues don't approve of them: “There is no envy among female colleagues, but when it comes to male colleagues, there are bruised egos and they feel threatened“. She thinks that every profession has those same challenges and obstacles for women, but she pointed out that the most important thing is to “set a goal and then try your hardest to achieve it“. 

Snežana Madžarević said that her main motivation were the obstacles that she faced because they inspired her to work even more and try harder to achieve all that she wanted. She also added that she tries to do things that will leave a mark. “I think that I wouldn't be able to achieve anything all by myself“ stated Ms. Madžarević stressing the significance of the collegiality.

Jelena Erić Rakonjac said that even after all those years in her profession, she still faces stereotypes hidden in the question “Why her?“. She finds women's solidarity and men's support essential. She points out that she feels that she has a double responsibility as a gender representative at the Beach Handball Commission. She believes that it is necessary to empower women and that “each of us has a responsibility“.

The second part of the round-table conference was reserved for speed dating where mentors and mentees, in four small groups, had the opportunity to talk to each of the speakers individually and to ask more detailed questions about their experiences and to also ask for advice.

Together, they sent a message at the end that there is no giving up, always set goals and strive to achieve them because hard work and good will are the only things necessary for those goals to be achieved and not miracles.


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