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Dragana Tomić Pilipović, the Executive Director at the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility(CCSR) showed our mentors at the programme Share your knowledge “how she makes it work“, on Saturday, August 26th, within the framework of the study visit to Vrmdža. In Rural HUB, founded by Dragana, we had the oportunity to learn about how she started dealing with the development of organizations, strategic management of human resources, as well as the impediments she encountered during her professional life.


Dragana started her career in large systems where she gained knowledge and experience in human resources area. As the director of the human resources sector in Erste Bank and Pharma Swiss, she dealt with the transformation of the system and management through the organizational culture, the development of leadership capacities and management for directing changes. However, she started thinking about leaving the corporate surrounding. She decided to move to the countryside because she firmly believes that "the most important thing lies in the heart and that is where everything begins".

Wanting to dedicate herself to people and help them in their personal and professional development, she designed a co-working space where she would help people improve and grow. According to her, the thought "developing yourself, means developing ideas", led her to the idea to open the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility that informs, educates and encourages sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.

Within the Centre, she prepared the Guide to the eco-village which answered the most common dilemmas, descriptions of the challenges, threats, but also opportunities and possibilities. Reviewing the problemes from all prespectives, “it creates space for new accesses and opinion correction and helps you organize yourself differently in a community, because you are the value“, she explained during the conversation. 

Dragana even created a board game, the so-called refined monopoly, that leads you through the process of finding the model to solve problems in a specific surrounding (TRIP).

The peak of her work so far is the foundation of the Rural HUB itself, that tends to empower the village through developing and fostering social economy and entrepreneurship, especially female entrepreneurship in rural areas. It is important to her that she is a part of the community. "It's important that we work together, because if we are stronger, everyone will feel better. And that's why it's good to work with those whose ideas and values you support and decide who you will spend your time with. That's why I run the parole do what you love in an environment that you love. "

Finally, Dragana told the mentors that behind every so-called ease, there is effort and work, which brings experience and learning.

After the conversation, women from the Vrmdža area with whom Rural HUB collaborates, presented their domestic products, among which natural creams, oils, cheese, candy, jam and juice were found. The visit ended in a Latin city, enjoying an unrestrained nature without a mobile phone signal that nobody missed.


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