European Movement in Serbia Office Staff

Secretary General

Ms. Suzana Grubješić - Born in 1963 in Sombor; graduated in 1986 at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, International Relations department. In early 1990s she lived and worked in the United States of America and Cyprus. In 1995, she returned to Serbia to work as a project manager in the European Movement in Serbia and the journal "International Politics". Until 1999, she was a project manager at G17, and then in the G17 PLUS Expert Network, she served as executive director until 2001. At the beginning of the 2000s, she was a Deputy CEO of the G17 Institute for Economic and Policy Research, and as of 2004 a Member of Parliament, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Group, President and Member of the Committee for European Integration, member of the Parliamentary committees on Finance and Economic Development Committee. For six years she was the Head of the Parliamentary Delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (2006-2012), and then Deputy Prime-Minister for European Integration of the Government of the Republic of Serbia (2012-2013). In the Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development (CIRSD) she worked as an Senior Fellow in International Relations (2014-2015), and from November 2015 to July 2017, she was a Special Advisor for European Integration at the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.

Fields of her professional interest include legal, political and economic analysis, project management and public policy development.

She speaks English, and has a working knowledge of French, German and Greek.
Deputy Secretary General


Ms. Dina Rakin - As a graduated Journalist with MA in International Relations and seven years within EMinS, Dina has developed extensive experience in supporting and cooperating with the local initiatives, local municipalities and marginalized groups. She manages complex projects in the fields of social economy, social entrepreneurship, employment policy, and social affairs, both in Serbia and the SEE; projects aiming to increase the participation of civil society organizations in decision-making processes, and to inform various stakeholders and target groups on EU-related topics. She has in-depth knowledge of policy research and advocacy in related policy areas. Dina has developed expertise in training and capacity building of national and local institutions and social enterprises representatives. 

She is also interested in multilateral diplomacy and concept of mentoring.

She is fluent in English and has a basic knowledge of French language.

Project Manager

Ms. Svetlana Stefanović - graduated International Relations at Faculty of Political Science. During studies worked as volunteer and activist and after that as Project Coordinator on different projects and Office Manager of EMinS. Currently she is employed as the Project Manager at European Movement in Serbia. She works on projects that are dealing with youth, mobility and education (Welcome to Germany, Share your knowledge-become a mentor, Meet Europe in Denmark, Travelling to Europe, Europe at school, etc.) She also works on organizing of different public events, international conferences, public debates, round tables and other public events, etc. (such as Belgrade Security Forum, European Movements for Strengthening Paneuropean Civil Dialogue, Danube - Strongest link to EU, Sectoral Integration of the Western Balkan, Vision of European Serbia, etc. ). She works as an Executive Secretary on coordination and logistic support to Forum for International Relations of the European Movement in Serbia. She is Member and Executive Secretary of Women Government and she helped in work to the Organization Women Government. She participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program on "Women in Leadership: Advancing Women, Advancing Humanity" in USA and she is alumna of the School of political studies of the BFPE and CoE etc. She speaks English. 

Mr. Ivan Knežević was born in Nova Varoš, where he completed his elementary education as well as a grammar school. He graduated from the Faculty of economy at the University of Belgrade. He completed his master studies in Bologna, at the Management and policy of European integration in the Central-eastern European countries and the Balkans program. During his bachelor studies, he attended an undergraduate program of the Belgrade open school, as well as a master’s program “Transition and reconstruction”, organized by the Alternative academic educational network. He is affiliated with the European Movement in Serbia since 2003, where he worked on numerous projects dealing with European integrations process. Since 2006, he has worked at the Serbian European integrations Office, Sector for analysis of economic aspects of Serbian accession to the EU. Additionally, he has worked on technical coordination of Office’s administrative capacity building projects for European integration process. In the period of 2007 – 2010, he has worked at the Center for strategic and economic research Vojvodina CESS in Novi Sad, as head of project management sector. He was elected deputy Secretary General of the European Movement in Serbia in April 2010. His fields of interest include the economy and EU funds, regional development, cross-border cooperation, preparation and management of EU-funded projects. He is fluent in Italian and English languages.

Maja Bobić - diplomirani je etnolog i antropolog. Magistarske studije Jugoistočne Evrope je pohađala i završila u Atini, na Nacionalnom i Kapodistrijan univerzitetu 2002. godine. Od 2003. godine je zaposlena u Evropskom pokretu u Srbiji, prvo kao koordinator lokalnih veća, zatim kao Koordinator projekta/istraživač. 2007. godine je postavljena za generalnog sekretara, funkciju koju je obavljala do kraja 2017. Bila je stipendista Freedom House-a "Zagovaranje i lobiranje" u SAD-u, polaznik Škole za političke studije Beogradskog fonda za političku izuzetnost pod pokroviteljstvom Saveta Evrope, stipendista IVLP programa SAD i dr.
Maja je kopredsedavajuća žirija za Balkan GMF MMF programa i članica Izvršnog odbora Međunarodnog evropskog pokreta od 2014. Pored praktičnih i razvojnih pitanja najstarije nevladine organizacije u Srbiji, zainteresovana je za razvoj civilnog društva, civilni dijalog, proces evropske integracije i proširenje EU, regionalnu saradnju.

Govori engleski jezik, a služi se francuskim i grčkim jezikom.



Mr. Aleksandar Bogdanović - He graduated International relations at Faculty of Political Science (University of Belgrade). He joins the team of the European Movement in Serbia (EMinS) in 2007. In the past couple of years he has been working on various projects in the area of youth activism and non-formal education and improvement of youth position in the society. One of his main tasks since October 2012 is coordinating the activities of EMinS Research Forum, especially its fundraising and development component. His fields of interest encompass think tank development, European affairs and youth policies.

He speaks English.



Office and Event Manager
Ms. Emilija Milenković - Graduated International Politics and European Integration at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. She earned her activist experience in several civil society organizations in the field of European Integration, Security and Youth policies. She is currently enroled as a M.A. student of Environmental Policy at Faculty of Political Sciences. She holds position of a Vice-President of the Youth Forum of the European Movement in Serbia. Special areas of interest include: EU Enlargement, environmental policies and youth policy.
Fluent in English, intermediate in German and Italian and has basic knowledge of Spanish.
Project Associate - Assistant

Ms. Nina Lopandić - Has been working in the European Movement in Serbia since 1993, first as an Executive Secretary and afterwards as Office Manager. From 1995 until 2007 she has coordinated the activities of the Forum for International Relations. She has worked as an assistant on numerous projects dealing with European integration and regional cooperation, and has also organized series of gatherings, round tables, local and international conferences. She participated in preparation of many EMinS’ publications. Currently she holds the Project Coordinator position.

She has active knowledge of English language, and passive knowledge of Portuguese language.




Project Assistant

Ms. Nina Cvetanović - graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, department for International Relations, module: European Integration. She is currently enroled as a M.A. student of Environmental Policy, at the same University. During studies worked as volunteer in several NGOs. She was engaged in student organizations and she is an activist for the protection of animals. In European Movement in Serbia she began as a member of the Youth Forum, where she took part in several projekts. Nina is fluent in English, Russian and has a basic knowledge of German.    


Project Assistant

Ms. Isidora Martinenko - student of the Master program USA Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. She graduated in International Relations, International Affairs at the same Faculty. During her studies she was active and engaged in extracurricular activities and seminars. She joined the European Movement in February 2017 as a volunteer. Since 2018 she is working on social entrepreneurship projects. She is a member of the EMinS Youth Forum.

Areas of her interest include international politics, European integration, and diplomacy. She speaks English and has basic knowledge of Italian.





National Convention of the European Union Coordinator

Ms. Nataša Dragojlović - Graduated from the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade and attended the Postgraduate studies of National and Global Security. She worked as a civil servant in the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations from 2005 to 2008, and the Ministry of Defence employed in occupations advisers declared the European integration and regional cooperation. She has worked as a consultant and manager of projects at the UNDP, the Council of Europe, the Belgrade Center for Security Policy, and the European Movement in Serbia and as a lecturer at the School of European Integration and the School of European security. She was  appointed Assistant Minister for regional development and local self-government responsible for the strategy of decentralization of Serbia until 2013.

She is performing the function of the Coordinator of the National Convent on the European Union in the scope of the project of the European Movement in Serbia since 2014.








Ms. Tara Tepavac - graduated in International Politics at the Department of International Studies of the Faculty of Political Sciences –University of Belgrade. She enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Joint Master’s Programme in South-Eastern European Studies and completed her second year of master at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz (Austria). As a student she was actively involved in regional and local projects in civil society organizations. She joined the European Movement in Serbia in 2012 firstly as a volunteer, and from 2015. she is working as a research assistant in the Research Forum of EMinS. She is primarily focused on EU affairs as well as EU enlargement and integration process. She participanted in the TRAIN 2015 Programme Fostering Policy Dialogue in the Western Balkans. Her main areas of interests are: political systems and the rule of law, EU enlargement and integration process, European affairs, regional and international cooperation, as well as human and minority rights. 

She is fluent in English, has a working knowledge in French and basic knowledge in German language.

Public Relations Manager

Ms. Maša Živojinović - Born in 1982 in Belgrade. Obtained baccalaureate degree at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences, as well as master’s degree in International Politics in 2012. Upon graduation, volunteered at the Women’s Studies Center. Worked at a grant making fund, as well as in several non-governmental organizations on communication with donor community, project proposal writing and event planning. While on the Project MDTF for Justice Sector Support, she was a Consultant for Media and Communication and Monitoring and Evaluation in the Ministry of Justice. Fields of interest include international relations, European Union and accession process, human rights and animal rights and wellbeing.
Speaks English and has a passive knowledge of Italian and German.




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