In spite of the strategic goal of Serbia to becoming a member of the EU, contrary to the reality that the EU is the most important trading partner of Serbia amounting to 63% of the overall trade and the biggest investment partner with 60% of all investments since 2001 coming from the EU and  the support for Serbia’s membership in the EU varies throughout the years with the last years witnessing decline of the support.


The overall objective of the project EU 2 ME is to increase the knowledge about the values and functioning of the EU as well as EU accession process among population at large in Serbia.


Primary target groups are CSOs, youth, libraries, universities, media and citizens that will be directly involved in more than 50 events all over Serbia encompassing different venues, but also different aspects and topics about the EU and Serbia’s EU accession process.

Expected results are:

  1. Increased understanding of the EU integration process and the benefits it brings to the Serbian society;
  2. Enhanced quality and frequency of the enlargement debate in Serbia;
  3. Increased positive perception and visibility of the EU integration process and its benefits in Serbia based on relevant facts and figures and understandable/good-quality information.
  4. Enhanced knowledge base and capacities for effective communication of specific EU topics and policies among stakeholders.

Project activities are divided in three segments:

  1. Implementation of Public information campaign: provision of better quality information to the citizens and raising knowledge about EU, its values, policies and trends as well as EU accession process, EU assistance to Serbia and impact and benefits of the EU accession. Research of the attitudes of citizens towards EU will be implemented as monitoring mechanism and source of information. The campaign will be divided into two thematic sets, “Meet the EU” and “What is Europe to Me”.
  2. Organisation of Public debates and events: organising number of events, using different approaches and targeting universities, libraries, youth, CSOs and media in particular. More than 50 events all over Serbia encompassing different venues, but also different aspects and topics about the EU and Serbia’s EU accession process will be conducted.
  3. Grant scheme: allocating up to 10 small grants to local CSOs, media, universities and libraries in amount up to 2000 EUR for innovative and mobilizing information and communication local/regional campaigns about the EU and impact/benefits of the EU accession process.

Project is implementing the European Movement in Serbia, Faculty of Political Science of the University of Belgrade (FPS), European Movement in Serbia – Sremska Mitrovica (EMinS – SM) and European Movement in Serbia – Kraljevo (EMinS – KV) supported by the European Movement International (EMI) from Brussels.

Project is financed by the European Union.


Duration of the project: March 2017 – September 2018.























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  •  Belgrade Security Forum



    National Convention on the European Union





  • Beta press

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Serbia


  • Slovak Aid

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