The natural cooperation between the European Movement in Serbia and the EU Info Center in Belgrade began in 2016, and continued in 2017 as a cycle of joint public events "European Talks". Debates are designed to point out the neglected aspects of European integration, which, however, have a direct impact on the lives of citizens, the economy, and reform processes in Serbia


The goal of the project is to contribute to the quality of the debate on the European Union and the process of Serbia's accession through the organization of public events on important issues both for the EU and for the future of European integration of Serbia.


Specific goals of the project:

  1. Informing the public about the rights and obligations of Serbia and its citizens in the process of preparing for EU membership.
  2. Opening a public debate on the necessary reform activities within the European integration of Serbia.
  3. Informing and sharing experiences on European standards and practices in certain areas of importance for the quality of life of Serbian citizens.


  • Organisation of the 5 public debates in Belgrade and Niš.
  • Organisation of the 7 public debates in Belgrade, Varvarin and Novi Pazar

With the Support of: EU info centar.


June - December 2016.

Ferbuar 2017. - June 2017.









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