Fostering the WB6-V4 Partnership and Capacity Building in Western Balkans will build up on already existing platform of the Regional Convention on European Integration of Western Balkans, which now gathers six CSOs from WB and four from the Visegrad Five, with the participation of all the governments in the region. In the previous two years, we have built the platform of Regional Convention on European Integration of Western Balkans through projects: Regional Convention on European Integration and Strengthening EU approximation in the Western Balkans. Both projects achieved set goals and even went further due to the fact that they managed to involve both public and civil sector at the highest level. What we learned from both of the projects is that the region has common goals when it comes to the integration process, as well as similar obstacles they face.

It will focus on two main issues: on one side, it will directly tackle the issue of V4 influence in the Western Balkans and the results achieved so far in this region, on the other side, this project will build upon a rather limited basis set out in the region of Western Balkans when it comes to absorption of EU funds.

This project will bring together six WB countries through joint research and analysis of the usage of EU funds in their countries (Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). This is one of the most pressing and least known issues when it comes to the EU integration process, especially the linkage between the topics and concrete projects for which funds are used compared to the strategic priorities of the countries.

The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the strengthening of the position of civil society in the process of European integration and cooperation with state institutions in the countries of the Western Balkans. The project is focused on the analysis of the influence of the V4 countries in the Western Balkans and the results achieved so far and the analysis of the absorption capacities of the Western Balkan countries for the use of EU funds.

Specific objectives of the project are:
  • Fostering of the partnership between Višegrad Group countries and Western Balkans countries on the path towards the EU membership
  • Raised transparency of the absorption of EU funds in Western Balkans 6.

Within this project we will produce, print and publish two policy studies: 1) Research and analysis of the usage of the EU funds in the Western Balkans 2) Research and analysis of the V4 presence and influence in WB.


Project duration: July 2017 - July 2018
The project is realized by the EP of Montenegro, which is the leading partner in this project. Other partners include European Movement in Serbia, European Movement in Albania, Eurothink from Macedonia, Transparency of BiH, Democratic Institute from Kosovo, SFPA from Slovakia, EUROPEUM from Czech Republic, Institute for International Affairs and Trade from Hungary, Center for Analysis from Poland.

















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