The European Investment Bank (EIB) has a strong presence within the Western Balkans (WB), supporting the region’s progression towards EU integration. The EIB has helped promote a strong and competitive economy within the region, contributed to regional infrastructure development and improved connectivity with vital EU transport and energy networks.

In 2009, several International Financial Institutions (namely the EIB, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - EBRD, the Council of Europe Development Bank - CEB), bilateral donor countries and the European Commission jointly launched the Western Balkans Investment Fund (WBIF) in order to facilitate the preparation and implementation of infrastructure investments in line with the national, regional and EU accession priorities. Targeted sectors for development include energy, environment, social, transport, and private sector development.

Although the WBIF has provided more than EUR 1,4 bn worth of grants and loans for regional and national projects, it is not sufficient by itself to meet the investment needs of the region. All of the Western Balkan countries’ economies are being affected by the deficit and are faced with the risk of rising debt-levels. The accompanying sluggish economic growth, as well as the adverse political climate of the region is also undermining the Western Balkans’ EU accession prospective. It is therefore vital that the region’s investment levels should increase.
The purpose of this event is to provide the Western Balkan public and stakeholders with an opportunity to learn more about the beneficial role and transformative power of the EIB in the European integration process.

During the one day regional conference, the way forward in bridging the obstacles the region still faces in terms of reforms and Europeanisation will be presented and debated. Representatives from national governments, international and regional organizations, the business community, as well as practitioners and experts will share their insights and know-how on the EIB’s work in the region through panel discussions.

The debate will consist of an introductory panel, three thematic panels and a closing panel (see under Programme). 

Target audience:

Senior stakeholders from state and local authorities, CSOs, think-tanks, academia, international organizations, embassies, media and business representatives.

Timeframe for realization:

The project will be realized from October – December 2017.

The project is financially supported by the European Investment Bank.

Opinions and attitudes expressed on this webpage, as well as all electronic and printed material related to the project  do not necessarily represent the official opinion of the European Investment Bank.





















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