The National Convention on the European Union

The National Convention on the European Union (NC EU) is a project focused on the establishment of an institutionalized, thematically structured debate between representatives of state administration, politicians, NGOs, experts, professional associations, and the broader public on the future accession of Serbia to the EU. Its activities are organized through working groups.


The National Convention on the European Union has been working continuously since 2006. Since the NC EU was established, it has achieved substantial results. They were presented to the public under the form of recommendations, during the period when Serbia still was negotiating the SAA.


In 2007 and 2008, the Working groups’ Agendas carefully followed the chapters of Serbia’s negotiations for EU membership. During the second phase, an important step forward was taken towards EU membership: the visa regime was liberalized, the Interim Trade Agreement came into force, and the application for EU membership was submitted.


Bearing in mind the complexity of the future phases of Serbia’s road to EU membership, the NC EU 2010 is focused on monitoring the implementation of the priorities adopted, clearly set out in the European Partnership and the National Program for Integration, which are reviewed annually in the Progress Report. Furthermore, where applicable, the NC EU Working groups are also focused on the newly adopted EU Treaty, the Lisbon Strategy and other EU strategic priorities and policies.


To date, the National Convent on the European Union has published two books, which were widely distributed.


The Working groups of the National Convent have gathered together over 800 individuals, representatives of different institutions and organizations from all the relevant sectors.


The activities of the NC EU in 2006 and 2007 were implemented in cooperation with the Slovak Foreign Policy Association and supported by SlovakAid and the Belgrade – Bratislava Fund. In 2008 and 2009, the activities were implemented in cooperation with the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, the EMinS Local Councils in Niš, Novi Pazar and Zrenjanin and were supported by the European Union through the European Integration Fund and by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. In 2010, the project has been implemented with the supported by the Fund for an Open Society and the USAID, trough the Institute for Sustainable Communities.


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