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On behalf of the Coalition for the Development of Social Entrepreneurship and with Solidar Suisse - Office in Belgrade support EMinS started realization of the project Inovativa.


The Adriatic Youth Networkproject is implemented under IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. 

Welcome to Germany

The Program “Welcome to Germany” is focused on socially active students from the second, third and fourth year of studies from the Serbian universities. To date, over 240 students and 140 secondary school students have had the opportunity to visit Germany.

Naming, Blaming and Framing Economic Violence against Women in Intimate Relationships

Violence against women is one of the biggest obstacles for achievement of gender equality which is one of the fundamental values that the EU promotes.

Overall objective: To contribute to the protection of women against all forms of violence and to attain a high level of their health protection, well-being and social cohesion in five involved countries.

The National Convention on the European Union

The National Convention on the European Union (NC EU) is a project focused on the establishment of an institutionalized, thematically structured debate between representatives of state administration, politicians, NGOs, experts, professional associations, and the broader public on the future accession of Serbia to the EU. Its activities are organized through working groups.

Recycle Bee

Green initiative is a network of 22 civil society organizations in Serbia, which includes European Movement in Serbia. In cooperation with Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) and with a financial support of US Agency for International Development (USAID), Green initiative was started in order to reach the goal of influencing on improvement of the organized waste management system in Serbia throughout public advocacy activities in the following 16 months.

Schools for European Integration – Seminars

One of the key priorities of the European Movement in Serbia is to recognize adequate roles and competences among different social entities in the pre-accession period. To achieve this goal, the EMinS initiated the School for the European Integrations as a model to be implemented based on the needs and demands of specific target groups, funds and donors.


This project aims at increasing the knowledge and understanding about priority areas and implementation mechanisms at the EU and national level of the Strategy and its influence and importance for regional cooperation and European integration among public authorities, business and civil sector, as well as within wider public in Serbia.

Guide To Europe 2020 Strategy

Europe 2020 is a new EU strategy which aims at economic development of the EU based on knowledge while at the same time preserving the environment, high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion. In order to ensure that each EU member state implement the strategy Europe 2020 in a manner that is most appropriate for each country individually, the key priorities of Europe 2020 at the EU level are transferred into national objectives that each member state should achieve.

Waves of Democracy 2010

Young people in the Western Balkans are still not well informed about the issues, problems and challenges that youth from the EU countries deal with and vice versa. The lifestyles and ways of thinking of the youth from Western Balkans are distant from the horizons of young people living in the EU

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