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Meet Europe in Denmark

The project enabled 110 third year secondary school students from Serbia, who have never travelled abroad, to spend a week in Denmark, visit state institutions and high schools, learn about the Danish educational system and make new friendships.

Meet Your Neighbor – the European Parliamentarian

The project aims at linking the national Parliament of the Republic of Serbia with MPs from the European Parliament and representatives of the Serbian civil society with the neighboring EU member states (Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria) in a constructive and tailor-made dialogue on current issues relevant to the EU and the EU accession process of Serbia.

Legislatures and Citizens: strengthening democratic institutions and civil society in the Western Balkans

"Legislatures and Citizens: Strengthening democratic institutions and civil society in the Western Balkans" is a three-year programme, aimed at assisting the parliaments and NGOs of the Western Balkan countries to improve the functioning of democratic institutions and civil society participation in the decision making process.

Facing the Future

Purpose of the project is to create a public space in Serbia where open discussions can take place among the youth on the need to confront Serbia's recent past, in the context of how this impacts Serbia's future.

Youth Integration for Democracy

The idea of the project is to gather youth of pro-democratic oriented political parties from Serbia (including Kosovo), Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Their active participation on seminars and internet forum will contribute in process of reconciliation in the region, and encourage cooperation among them.

Support program to Serbian Parliament in EU integration process

In cooperation with the Committee for European Integrations of the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia and the Office of the Council of Europe in Belgrade, the EMinS has launched a “Support Program for the Serbian Parliament”, entirely devoted to the Serbia's European integrations. The goal of the program is to improve the flow of relevant information to local and regional beneficiaries and interested citizens, to increase citizens’ knowledge on the EU values and principles, to present the whole process of negotiations with the EU more thoroughly, and, above all, the role of the Parliament in that process.

Regional Framework for Development and European Integration

European Movement in Serbia (EMinS) is implementing jointly with six partners from the Western Balkan region (European Movement in Montenegro, Kosovo Institute for Policy Research and Development, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Center for Institutional Development, Albanian Institute for International Studies and Institute for International Relations) a regional project aimed to promote the role of regional cooperation in South Eastern Europe as important instrument aimed to support faster European integration, sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Regional Integration through Volunteer Exchanges for Reconciliation of South Eastern Europe Programme (RIVER SEE)

The UNV/UNDP RIVER SEE Programme seeks to develop regional confidence and facilitate valuable linkages between the populations and governments in the Balkan region. Its overall objective is to contribute to regional integration, social cohesion and poverty reduction in the Balkans by strengthening networks through East-to-East volunteer exchanges, promoting volunteerism and proactive citizenship, building the capacity of civil society to deal with local development and governance processes, and establishing regional cooperation between civil initiatives.

Capacity Building of the Local Ombudspersons' Network in Serbia

The project aims to build capacity of existing local Ombudspersons in Serbia through the best tailored seminars aimed at advancing their working techniques (lobbying skills and public relations strategies).

Local Self-Government and Civil Society in IPA Programming and Projecting Process for Serbia 2007 – 2013: The Cross-Border Cooperation Component

The program was launched in the wake of a series of problems that arose regarding IPA programming processes: lack of knowledge about the procedures and frameworks for applying to the EU for funding; a lack of information about other programs available to Serbia on a local level; lack of capacity and awareness on a local level about the long-term needs for programming local and regional development according to national and EU priorities; lack of experts on the local level who could deal effectively with EU procedures, especially in border municipalities (projects were being developed with Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina); lack of information among representatives of civil society about the process of programming and insufficient “control” of the process at the national level.

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