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Defining Foreign Policy Strategy and Achieving a Broad Consensus on the Development Priorities and Foreign Policy of Serbia

The project is focused on contribution to the development of Serbian Foreign Policy Strategy, aimed at eliminating confusion in foreign policy activities resulting from the absence of such a strategy. It would make the process of planning and creating foreign policy decisions much easier in the future.

EU info point

Project for development of regional information center for improvement of European institutions and culture. Belgrade, as a capital city of Serbia, is one of major cultural centers in Eastern Europe. It has a long tradition dating from ancient Roman times. As such, both the city and the country represent integral parts of European culture, history and tradition. In the times of global and European integrations, this region is logically interconnected with the countries of European Union.

Euro Star Bus

Project Euro Star Bus is a sequel to an informative campaign about EU that started in 2004. and is implemented under the title "My town in Europe". The project is implemented by the European Movement in Serbia in cooperation with the youth organization Generacija 21.

Europe for Everybody

The project “Europe for Everybody” provided an opportunity for selected participants to experience other cities, to contact and meet people and different cultures in four European countries. The project was devoted to the promotion of visa liberalization for Serbian citizens. To date, the project has been implemented in three phases.

European Papers

In cooperation with the Research Centre of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, the EMinS initiated publishing a be-monthly journal entitled “European Papers” dealing with unbiased information on Serbia’s accession to the EU, the work of the EU institutions and the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy. It was distributed to a wide public in Serbia.

European Programs for Municipalities in Serbia

Training seminars about policy of European organizations and basics of regional policy of the European Union has a goal to inform representatives of local government and all other concerned representatives of local communities about process of integration, preparation for membership, programs and founds of the EU, actual and possible ways of cooperation; to rise the level of awareness of importance of integration and democratic reforms; as well as to encourage exchange of experience and knowledge with the EU partners.

European Standards – SEE: Energy Community at Work

Energy supply is crucial for the sustainability of economic development in the Western Balkans, the poorest region in Europe. The adoption of an appropriate national and regional energy strategy and policy is necessary to achieve macro-economic revitalization and to promote economic growth through more efficient use of energy, the reduction of the negative impact on the environment and the decrease of energy poverty.

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