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Ljubljana Agenda

The European Movement in Serbia, in cooperation with six partner organizations from the Western Balkan countries, launched national and regional debates about the "Ljubljana Agenda", a proposal for a new phase in Serbia's process of stabilization and association with the EU during Slovenia's EU presidency in 2008

Support for the Implementation of the SAA in the Field of Agriculture

The project “Support for the implementation of the SAA in the field of agriculture” is focused on a large target group of agricultural producers. Its aim is to promptly inform possible beneficiaries about the parts of the SAA that deal with the sector of agriculture, and the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP); to strengthen the capacities of the Agricultural advisory services and regional Centers for rural development; provide an overview of the existing funds and the pre-accession instruments dedicated to rural development and agriculture, and to transfer knowledge and experience from the EU member states where the national institutions supporting agriculture have been reformed.

The European Village

The “European Village” project was implemented in 2007 and 2008 with the aim of giving young farmers the opportunity to experience cities and cultures and to met people from one of the EU member state, raising their awareness about the EU agricultural policy and affirming the future for agricultural activities in Serbia.

European Integration Fund

European Movement in Serbia is seeking proposals for the "European Integration Fund", implemented with the EU assistance and managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction. The European Movement in Serbia will appropriate the total amount of 850.000 EUR through its European Integration Fund and contracted by the EAR

I have Right to Know

The aim of the project was to establish a mechanism for monitoring and controlling the work of officials in local institutions of self-governance and public enterprises

Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPA)

The presentation of IPA at the national level will be organized in Belgrade, with the participation of all relevant state and non-state actors. The main event of the presentation will be a conference (round table), in Sava Center accompanied by a media campaign. The European Movement in Serbia and the Fund for an Open Society will coordinate activities related to the organization of the conference with the Serbian Government's European Integration Office, in line with the Memorandum on Cooperation signed between the Office and the non-governmental organizations.

Aspects and Techniques of European Integration: A program in support of democratic parliamentary practice in Serbia and Montenegro

The general aim of the program is to contribute to the ongoing development and consolidation of democratic parliamentary practices in the Serbian and Montenegrin Parliaments, focusing on the following main goals.

Absorption Capacities of Serbia in Using EU Pre-Accession Funds – Practical Lessons from Slovakia

Since 2000, Serbia has been a beneficiary of the EU financial instruments CARDS and IPA I and II. Attaining candidate status, Serbia will be able to use three additional IPA components, and, upon reaching EU membership, funding from the Cohesion and Structural Funds. Serbia's “Absorption Capacities in Using EU Pre-Accession Funds – the Slovak Experience” is a project focused on the different aspects of the Serbian public administration's absorption capacities.

Vote for Female Government

Women are one of the best resources of Serbia. They are hard working, diligent, and responsible. They represent an important fragment of the labour market and are the pillars of the family. A great number of them have high professional skills and they are more numerous in many occupations (education, health, administration etc.).

Defining Foreign Policy Strategy and Achieving a Broad Consensus on the Development Priorities and Foreign Policy of Serbia

The project is focused on contribution to the development of Serbian Foreign Policy Strategy, aimed at eliminating confusion in foreign policy activities resulting from the absence of such a strategy. It would make the process of planning and creating foreign policy decisions much easier in the future.

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