The Youth Forum, a body of the European Movement, was founded in 2014 based on the initiative of Generation 21, which is a collective member of EMinS.

The European Movement in Serbia has decades of experience in the field of youth support with the goal of raising youth’s role in society. Its work up to this point includes a number of projects which are primarily aimed at advancing the social position for young people thus allowing their voices, opinions, and stances will be rightfully expressed and heard. Projects so far have stressed the importance of non-formal education to promote and encourage social engagement among youth.

According to the team, following the vision of the Youth Forum of the European Movement in Serbia, its impact on young people in Serbia will be: to engage in advocacy regarding positions on issues meaningful to them, to promote European values as well as traditions while possessing a proactive attitude towards the process of Serbia's European integration, to facilitate the development of youth policy and activism, and finally to be a role model for further empowering of youth.



    Ivana Markulić


The Youth Forum’s work focuses on communication with young people about the importance of the European Integration process, European values, and actual themes in the European Union which concern youths’ daily lives in addition to their futures. By doing so, it hopes that Serbian young people will be drawn closer to the process of European integration, thus increasing the possibility that their voices, opinions, and influence will be represented as Serbia ascends into the EU.

The Youth Forum works to stimulate young people so that they will: undertake initiatives for active participation in social life and work, increase the impact of young people as decision-makers such that their needs are heard, network and strengthen cooperation between young people both throughout the region and beyond, and encourage the transfer of knowledge and training of young people regarding issues of importance relating to the improvement of their position in Serbia.


The Youth Forum aims to include young people living in rural areas as well, primarily by raising the level and quality of accessible information to them about the process of European integration as well as about what it means to be active in the civil sector of public life. Other projects that the youth forum aspires to be involved in are in the areas of youth creativity, environmental issues, and sustainable development.

Forms of action through which the Youth Forum’s mission and objectives are achieved include:

  • information campaigns (public meetings, discussions, activism on social media, etc),
  • non-formal education programs (workshops, trainings, courses, etc.),
  • research, creation and advocacy of public policy relating to young people;
  • international cooperation (youth exchanges, cooperation projects etc.)

Membership of the Forum is made up of youths between the ages of 15-30 with a variety of different social backgrounds, education levels, and professional fields. The Youth Forum works with youths and for youths from all social, economic, and educational backgrounds. In its work, the Forum firmly respects and promotes gender equality in addition to the empowerment and inclusion of youths with special needs.



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