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More than 80 citizens walked in the central streets of Subotica, pointing out the problems that women face in the implementation of their constitutional rights and against violence that they are exposed to. The Mentoring Walk is organised by "Share Your Knowledge" program and Women’s Leadership Academy on the occasion of International Women`s Day.

An event known as the "Mentoring Walk" is organized annually as a part of Vital Voices initiative around the world, with the goal of developing leadership, as well as linking and experience sharing among successful women in different fields. Since 2008, thousands of female leaders in all continents took part in the events.

After the 2018 Walk, a public debate "Women in Politics - From Presence to Influence" was organized in Subotica, as a reminder of the women`s role in decision making and the acquisition of their rights. Gordana Comic, MP, Aida Corovic, a politician were speakers at the discussion moderated by Marija Srdic, a member of the Program Committee of the Academy of Women's Leadership and a mentor on the Share Your Knowledge program.

"The International Women's Day is a good reminder on all those women who gave their lives in fighting for women`s rights, including the right to vote. We, in Serbia continue to face the basic problems due to the lack of the Law on Gender equality for example, but also problems related to domestic violence. Only a joint struggle of both women and men can lead to equality in society," Svetlana Stefanovic said, project manager at the European Movement in Serbia.

According to her, the "Share Your Knowledge" program aims at unselfish sharing of knowledge and supporting women by encouraging their self-esteem, and "such actions serve to remind that such female role models exist in our society, but sometimes, we choose not to see them."

"There is no development in Serbia without women in politics, in executive power, in financial power centers, in banks - wherever there is money, power and influence, wherever there is authority to make decisions about the future. If these decisions are made without the equal participation of women, they will not work. History is teaching us that," said Gordana Čomić.

"The Women's Leadership Academy joined the Mentoring Walk, for the first time in Subotica, as part of a global campaign conducted by Vital Voices. The most important for us is the fact that the Academy in cooperation with the 'Share Your Knowledge' program has succeeded to bring a large number of women to Subotica, walk around the city and pay attention to the everyday problems in Serbia. This action was organized in the light of March 8, and the situation where gender equality and the position of women in Serbia is by no means great, "said Milos Djajic, the Chairman of the Board of Directors in Academy of Women's Leadership.

"The first walk in Serbia in 2008 in Belgrade, was initiated by Andrea Brbaklić, Marija Nikolić and Ana Firtel, participants of the Global Women Leaders Mentoring Partnership, the Fortune magazine, the US Department of State and the Vital Voices organization. Since then, 14 walks have been organized all around Serbia; in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kraljevo and Valjevo. This year, 150 mentoring walks were organized in 61 countries around the globe.

Share your knowledge is a unique program in Serbia that enables the personal and professional development of women through mentoring. For the eighth consecutive years, it has been implemented by the European Movement in Serbia, the Embassy of the United States, Erste Bank and the OSCE Mission to Serbia. So far, 180 mentoring pairs have passed through the Program.

The Academy of Women's Leadership brings together female politicians and activists and offers them the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills, but also to connect in order to fight together to achieve full equality. As the civil society organization with the same name, it emerged as a natural continuation of the program of support to active women in public life launched in 2011.


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