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Selected Mentors on the Program "Share your knowledge " on Saturday, February 3, prepared for their ten months works with mentees and active participation in the program. The aim of the meeting was to present the activities on the program and that mentors can get familiar with the concept of the program, as well as with the most important segments of mentoring work. The meeting was a good opportunity for mentors to get to know each other.

On behalf of partner organizations that are organizing the program, a new generation of mentees welcomed Svetlana Stefanović, Program Manager of the European Movement in Serbia and Vukica Stanković, US Embassy in Serbia.

In her welcoming speech, Svetlana Stefanović emphasized that the „Share Your Knowledge“ Program has grown into a recognizable program over the past eight years, which brings together a significant number of women who possess an enviable level of knowledge and experience, as well as to promote networking and socializing not only between mentors, but also mentees. She emphasized that mentor’s commitment and enthusiasm are crucial for the success of mentoring relation.

Vukica Stanković pointed out that the US Embassy is honoured to have the opportunity to be part of the program, as well as being very happy that the program of this kind held in Serbia and successfully continued every year and thus contributes to the further empowerment of young women.

During the meeting it was talked about what mentoring is and what is not and how that should be a good mentoring relationship work, as well as what are the mentoring goals and roles of actors in that relations.

It was pointed out that the mentorship program focused entirely on developing and improvement of the mentee, but also that it is a two-way process that affects mentor as well. Mentoring program is not only designed for professional improvement, but also for personal growth. It is designed on three levels: 1. Work with a mentor; 2. Joint events on the program; 3. Cooperation and networking between mentors and mentees.

Mentors also introduced a way of establishing a mentoring relationship, through examples from practice, as well as tools for monitoring progress and the importance of giving feedback.

From February to November 2018, mentoring couples will be in touch, will share experiences and will occasionally meet in accordance with the agenda they define themselves on the basis of the obligations they both have in this period, but they will also gather every last Saturday on common events , share knowledge and support.

Project "Share Your Knowledge" is organized by The European Movement in Serbia for the eight year in a row, implemented in cooperation and collaboration in and with the support of the Embassy of the United States, Erste Bank and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). The program aims to bring together professional women leaders from different professions to share their knowledge and experience with young women starting their careers with similar interests and a desire to be successful in their fields. This will contribute to creating an opportunity for these women to improve their career path with the intention to achieve a positive shift in professional and personal terms, as well as to set a sound basis for future long-term cooperation.



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